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Guilty Parties

Location - Birmingham, UK
Favourite Bands - Raging Speedhorn, Dr Colossus, Jimi Hendrix, Top Dead Celebrity, Church Of Misery, AC/DC, Giants, Dorothy 
Dislikes - Religion, Dubstep, Hipster Moustaches
Favourite Stores - Ignite (Birmingham, UK), Generation Records (New York, USA), Concerto (Amsterdam, NL)
Favourite Quote - "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds" ~ Robert Oppenheimer / "Now let's go bury this dead hooker." ~ Sterling Archer

Related Projects - New Noise PhotographyBeast / Thunder Horse

Location - AR/LA/TX, USA
Favourite Bands - Coil, Acid Bath, Type O Negative, Jane's Addiction, Monkey Farm Frankenstein
Favourite Vices - Low-budget movies, alcohol, doom enhancers
Dislikes - Anything-core, pop punk, hair metal
Favourite Stores - Forcefield Records (USA), Hydro-Phonic Records (USA), AR Rec. & CD Exch. (USA), Burning World Records (Netherlands)
Favourite Quote - "I've changed my mind, that's what it's there for." - Jhonn Balance

Related Projects - The Protein Stains, Mexican Space Train, Carbonation, Chupamuerta 


Past Contributors

Location - South Carolina, USA
Favourite Bands - Black Sabbath, Acid Bath, Down, Astroqueen, Monster Magnet, Paradise Lost
Favourite Vices -  Beer, Smoke, MST3k
Dislikes - Modern R&B music, Soft Rock, Bud Light
Favourite Stores - Manifest Disc and Tapes (USA), Papa Jazz Record Shoppe (USA), Riding Easy Records (USA)
Favourite Quote - "Never insult anyone by accident."- Robert A. Heinlein


Location - New York, USA
Favourite Bands - The Datsuns, The Dead Weather, Wolfmother, Fu Manchu, Jimi Hendrix, Kiss, Truckfighters, UFO
Favourite Vices - 
Dislikes - Nothing. Except for rap and modern pop (most of it anyways)
Favourite Quote - "Like a liar, like a thief, Like a worn torn child who needs relief, I’m reeling hazy, force from the blow, I just cant find the words to let you go, I got no words, I got no words for you" - The Datsuns

Location - Utah, USA
Favourite Bands - The Who, Top Dead Celebrity, The Clash, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd
Favourite Vices -
Favourite Quote - "It was dangerous lunacy, but it was also the kind of thing a real connoisseur of edge-work could make an argument for..." - Hunter s Thompson

Related Projects - The Mediocre Show