Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blast From The Past...

Speed, Glue & Shinki - Self Titled (1972)

Way back to the early 70's for this one. A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this little gem when he received a copy of the cd in the post along with some vinyl he bought. It turned out to be a nice little surprise. 
Formed in 1970 by Shinki Chen - widely considered to be Japans answer to Jimi Hendrix and the president of Polydor Records Ikuzo Orita. From what I understand the band was relatively short lived as the aforementioned members struggled to cope with their drummer, Joey Smith's personal life. Slightly ironic as the band took their name from his use of amphetamines and days of glue sniffing throughout the 60's. Needless to say, Im sure you can imagine the trippy, psychedelic tunes the power trio inevitably produced... But if not just follow the link below..

Trying to find a copy of the bands stuff will be a kin to searching for rocking horse shit, but luckily Phoenix Records have been good enough to repress it. So fill ya boots...

For Fans Of; Jimi Hendrix, Hackensack, Led Zeppelin, Corpus, Mainhorse

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Titanic Debut EP...

Trash Titan - Selftitled EP (2011)

From time to time you stumble upon a debut EP or album that really hits the nail on the head. Kamni, Wo Fat and Artimus Pyledriver have all recently shared this accolade in my opinion, but now Trash Titan can be added to the list. 
Its dirty southern sounding bluesy stoner rock at its best. Every track oozes groove and an underlying ability to get your feet tapping, something so simple yet quite often either doesn't quite hit the mark or is entirely missing from bands that fit into this genre. Its a quintessential formula and these guys sure have got it. Tight and well mastered, you really have to give this EP a listen. I just hope they can keep up the good work and knock out and equally quality full length album in the near future. 
You can either head over to Band Camp or follow the link below to download the EP.

For fans of; Wo Fat, Artimus Pyledriver, The Heavy Eyes, Rabble Rabble, Motorcity Daredevils

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Not So Soviet...

Kypck - Nizhe (2011)

I'll keep this short and sweet as Im majorly jet lagged. 
For the last year or so since I first discovered their first album Yepho I just assumed these guys were Russian... Well they sing in Russian and the albums have a distinct Soviet feel to them so I think I can be forgiven for jumping to that conclusion. As it turns out though, they're from Finland... Not a million miles away, granted but I should probably really do more research. 
Anyway, the album... Sounding kind of like a hybrid of Emigrate and early Tool Im sort of reluctant to label the whole thing 'doom'. There's constant waves of ambiance and elements of drone combined with a general industrial feel throughout the entire album. The slow churning guitars and eerie vocals will definitely remind you of some of the slower tracks from Rammstein's Sehnsucht album. 

All in all very down tempo and ambient but very well produced . Most likely not to everyones taste, but well worth a listen. Check out their website and most notably their great merch.

For Fans Of; Bongmoth, Warchetype, Mühr, Emigrate, Rammstein

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Are You Feeling Sleepy?...

The Heavy Eyes - Demo (2010)

It's always great finding a good demo, especially when the band's done their best to keep true to their sound. No over production or messing around, just get in - jam - get out. These days with with all the available software and cheap recording equipment its so easy for new bands to over do it with first recordings. Not The Heavy Eyes though. Recorded on an old Tascam recorder in a non sound proofed room this debut demo really captures a great band at work. Rocking a typically classic sound, with a southern, bluesy tone these guys really sound as though they've just been whisked straight out of the 70's. Riff heavy and catchy as hell, if the opening track Voytek doesn't get your foot tapping you must be a bloody corpse! 
Its just a shame it all over so quickly. It's only a 4 track demo, but its a damn good one and will leave you wanting more. If these guys can pull off this kinda quality with such little effort I cant wait until they lay down a full length record in a studio. Keep a close eye on this band over 2011!

Head over to their myspace or bandcamp page to download the demo, or hit the link below.

 For fans of; Radio Moscow, Black Mountain, Wo Fat, The Dust Bowl, Daredevils

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dutch Hard Rock Bandits...

Bandito - Bandito EP (2009)

Ive been looking for some good old southern sounding stoner grooves from Holland for a while. Mainly for curiosities sake, but its great hearing how different bands from around Europe take their own approach being influenced by the likes of Kyuss, Down and Clutch. Slowly but surely more and more bands come out the wood work making a once entirely American sound their own. Here's a classic example, from the land that gave us legalised weed, store bought prostitution and New Zealand (yup, they found the place) comes Bandito. 
This being their first of two EP releases, both I think from 2009 and this one at least being available as a free download. From start to finish this EP oozes groove. Constant up tempo riffs with a touch of blues and gravelly lyrics all put together in a kind of classic heavy metal way, yet still retaining a desert rock style tone. This is most evident about half way through the last track Cubic Cycle. The only thing that really disappoints me it the length (haha, insert your own innuendo here). Both releases are just 4 tracks a piece... and dammit its just left me wanting more!

Head over to their website to be directed to the free download or follow the link below.

• For Fans Of; Kyuss, Truckfighters, Dozer, Queens Of The Stoneage, Colour Haze

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Friday, February 11, 2011

More Soviet Offerings...

The Grand Astoria - Omnipresence (2011)

Once again we find ourselves in Russia, Saint Petersburg to be precise. I was a bit of a late comer to these guys so regrettably their first few offerings passed me by. But nevermind that, here's their most recent offering. 
A weird mix of stoner jams, eerie ambience and occasional punk tones, hell, theres even a little hint of funk in there too. Its a strange concoction, but it doesn't sound that odd. Its in a similar vain to Earth Blow's Rollin' God, in the fact they've seemingly chucked in a little of everything. Its an impressive feat by anyones standards, its not easy putting all those elements into one album and not only avoid being labeled 'for an enquired taste' but actually pulling it off and making something bloody impressive.
Yeah, no everyone would maybe agree with me, but if you like the riffs of Fu Manchu, the ambience of Red Sparowes, occasional funk of The Chilli Peppers and Russian's, give this album ago.
They're also currently on a European tour, so if you're lucky enough to be in France, Spain, Germany or Holland go bloody check them out! 

• For fans of; Dozer, Nebula, The Dust Bowl, Deserts Of Mars, Causa Sui

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Southern Fried Fury...

Artimus Pyledriver - Artimus Pyledriver (2010)

Damn I love this band! I first found their debut EP on Bob's Stoner Rock Blog and I was dumbstruck. So when I finally got hold of their full length album I had a good idea of what to expect. Needless to say I wasn't disappointed, from start to finish its just pure, balls out southern metal. Every single track will get your feet tapping and you smashing the hell out of your air guitar (or drums, which ever your prefer). It still kinda staggers me that these guys aren't signed to a label yet. With a bit of cash and a kick in the right direction I could easily see these guys playing the same bill as Karma To Burn, Monster Magnet, Alabama Thunderpussy and such like.
For a first album the production's spot on, everything's perfectly balanced. Sounding like Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster but with far more groove and slightly more apparent Skynyrd influence. In fact it kinda worries me that these guys have burst out the gates and not really left anything in the tank for a follow up release... I guess time will tell...

•  For Fans Of; Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster, Red Fang, ASG, Viking Skull, Fireball Ministry 

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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Sage Like Advise...

Caulfield - Untitled (2010)

I recently picked up this LP from my local record store. It was casually flung in my general direction accompanied by the words "You'll like this, put it on..." Ok, now Ive been stung like this before, well maybe 'stung' is too strong, but you get what I mean. My mate's judgement is usually pretty good to be fair. "They're like an American Electric Wizard" he added. I should point out now, they're not. Not in the slightest. Im still not sure if he was confusing the record with something else he had tagged for me but either way he was way off the mark. However... it certainly was a find.
The album starts off slow and ambient but quickly explodes into a hail of thrashing guitars and dirty growling vocals. If you were to imagine Isis were locked in a room with Wolves In The Throne Room, I reckon the end product wouldn't be too dissimilar. For a debut release on a relatively small label the sound and production is up there with the best. I could easily see these guy being picked up by the likes of Southern Lord in the future, and if that means the get to reach a larger audience I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Theres nothing in the way of fuzz or grooves and its a bit more metal than what I have/will be posting up, but its a little known gem that really deserves some recognition.
This great little 5 track LP is available from A389 Records and shouldn't set you back more that about 10 bucks. A bargain if ever Ive seen one!

 For Fans Of; Grief, Neurosis, Cult Of Luna, Starkweather, Tragedy

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Blast From The Past...

Hackensack - Up The Hard Way (1974)

Formed in the UK in 1969, Hackensack were widely considered to be one of the heaviest live bands of the time. Fronted by the beast of a man Nicky Moore, who later went on to front Samson and Ray Majors on guitar who eventually joined what was left of Mott The Hoople following Ian Hunters departure for a solo career. 
This album was the bands follow up to their 1972 single Movin' On, and was released just prior to their break up. It really defines the bands tone, their heavy blues influence and rock style producing a sound not to dissimilar to that often associated with the works of Leslie West. 
The guys did at the time build up quite a sturdy little following, and in late 1973 Pye Records did record a live album at the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool. Alas, the recording has never seen the light of day. 
Released by Polydor, Up The Hard Way is great little gem if you're able to find on vinyl as theres not been any reissues (except on cd of course). But unfortunately it will cost you something in the region of £60 - £120. Thats if you're actually able to track a respectable copy down.

 For fans of; West, Bruce & Laing, Mountain, Foghat, Free, Samson