Friday, September 30, 2011

Insane Irish Duo...

I'll Eat Your Face - Hot Brains Terror (2011)

Barry from the band hit me up with a copy of the new album Hot Brains Terror over a month back and straight from the outset I knew it was bound to be something a little different... Two piece Irish grindcore band featuring ex members of the awesome Alter Of Plagues and For Ruin... Of course it was going to be something special, that was a no brainer (no pun intended). Plus being a big Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Discordance Axis fan it was bound to give me a certain degree of listening pleasure. But everyone loves a bit of grindcore right? Of course they do, and this album certainly won't change that. Hell, Jay Randal would be proud of this record! Break neck drum beats and furious guitars are the order of the day. But don't worry, its not all just mindless violent noise, yeah ok, I know that wouldn't be a bad thing, but IEYF have kind of pushed the boundaries a little by incorporating touches of genres not usually associated with the grindcore scene. As the album twists and turns you're met with elements reminiscent of black metal, thrash, punk, hardcore and hints of drone. I'ld like to think that if Pelican, Converge and Sunn O)))) got together to start a grind band the end result would be somewhat similar. It's immense, frantic, sombre and ever so beautifully mentally warped... I love it!

Now this little baby goes up live today, so as soon as you're done reading my drivel head over to the bandcamp page and download it. The guys are also being kind enough to give you an option to pay what you want for it, so dig deep you tight bastards!

~ Jay

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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Unless my plane has crashed into the ocean, I shall be many miles from home from today so apologies if the up coming reviews are a little on the short side or a bit sporadic for the following week...

In the mean time though, if you're require a little a stoner fix, head over to our You Tube channel and the hundred plus videos we've uploaded for your pleasure. Including recent never before heard tracks from The Duke Of Nothing...

~ Jay

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Death From Above...

Serial Hawk - Demos (2011)

I'm just going to keep this short and sweet as for the next week I'm a little strapped for time...

Serial Hawk are a Seattle based three piece that play nice, fuzzed out garage style heavy instrumental rock with cracking stoner overtones. You'll really dig them.
I believe they're also currently on the look out for a new drummer so if you live on the north west coast and can smash the skins drop the guys a message...

For Fans Of; Karma To Burn, High On Fire, Neurosis, Jucifer, White Hills

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Monday, September 26, 2011

From Russia With Fuzz...

No Fuzz - No Fun Intended (2011)

I think this may actually be the first female front band we've featured on here... I do apologise to all you ladies out there, I assure you it wasn't a conscious effort.

Right then. No Fuzz, they're from Russia, they've got a good punky undertone and they don't really look much like they sound. If that makes sense? But seriously, give the album a listen and you kind of get the mental image that they're all gonna be a big grungy looking, possibly a couple of punks, tattoos, ripped jeans and safety pins, you know what I'm getting at right? Well, think completely the opposite and you'd be damn sight closer. Not that thats a issue or a problem, because at the end of the day this album on its own merits alone is a little corker - catchy tunes that kind of reminisce (in parts) of an early Black Keys and a great female vocal front that really echoes of Sahara Hotnights. Not the usual thing we have on here I grant you but I will openly admit that I'm occasionally drawn to some things that sway more to the indie side of genres, and this is one of those times.
If you in anyway dug the album by Winnebago Deal that I put up some time back then you should seriously check this album out!

~ Jay

For Fans Of; Sahara Hotnights, The Subways, Iggy & The Stooges, Winnebago Deal, The Donnas

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Swedes Are At It Again...

Dödaren - Flyttar In (2011)

Damn this little EP opens with one hell of a riff! It's simple but effective, like an eerie sort of slowed down Red Fang type of sound, then merging in to vocals vaguely reminiscent of Black Strobe. It's all a little distant and merky but holy crap does it rock! I can't make head nor tail of the lyrics but when they're bashing out some classic 70's style heavy psych jams it doesn't really matter too much. It's kind of hard to really nail down exactly how these guys sound in words. I think the best I can do is say; Imagine a Scandinavian version of Clutch playing some kind retro influenced rock with the occasional hint of post metal...
Hell, go listen yourself and draw your own conclusions.

~ Jay

For Fans Of; Graveyard, Clutch, Lonely Kamel, Electric Moon, Red Sparowes

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Doom, Blues And Harmonicas...

Yama - Demo (2011)

Straight from the get go you're able to grasp where this demo is heading. That may sound a bit like a dig or a criticism but its really not, far from it in fact. I've always maintained that if an album or demo can grab you within the first minute it will, 9 times out of 10 hold you for the full length... and thats what Yama have managed to pull off here.
Alex's distant ghostly vocals intertwined with a somber guitar lead set such a great opening tone you can't help but want to listen on. Like its the quiet before the storm and something's about to erupt. You'd be right too. The tempo soon picks up and the blues influenced desert rock riffs start flowing. By the second track Seaquake an equally haunting harmonica is also thrown into the mix and is the highlight of the demo. The tracks intro is so dark and tortured you're totally drawn in so when the oncoming wave of 70's fused southern rock guitars hits you're completely taken off guard. It real stuns you. But if that wasn't enough, the guys once again turn the tables half way through the 6 1/2 minute track and abruptly hit you full on with a unique blend of blues and (almost) thrash. It's strange and unorthodox but hell does it work!
These guys have gone right to the top of my list of bands I'm eagerly awaiting a full length album from.

Three tracks of superbly belting, fuzzy goodness. One hell of a demo!

~ Jay

For Fans Of; Down, Kyuss, Sungrazer, Graveyard, Aver

Demo (320kbps)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Waxing Lyrical - Vinyl Review...

Hang The Bastard - Hellfire Reign (2010)

Back once again with a lovely vinyl review, and possibly the first of two this week providing Royal Mail buck their ideas up...
Nonetheless, today Im happy to present to you, once again, the awesome Hang The Bastard and their belter of a debut full length album Hellfire Reign. Now some of you will have most likely caught our review a few months back of their 09' EP Raw Sorcery, which was quite frankly, the mutts nuts. Well, this little gem here is the guys (difficult) follow up. Not to waste your time but I may as well tell you now, they've once again knocked it out the park. Dirty chucking riffs mixed with hardcore stylings are there in the bucket load. I really should admit that I've never been a hardcore fan, the typical hardcore bands have always seemed to lack a something for me. Its like all the ingredients are there but just not in the right order. These chaps however have always fallen on my good side. I can't quite put my finger on it but I suspect its that noticeable groove that runs through each track. Its not just that mindless 'lets just play as loud and as fast as we can and screw the contents' mentality. Although from the first 60 seconds of the album you could be forgiven for thinking its going that way... Fear not though, that ambience soon turns to a mix of high octane balls to the wall, break neck drum beats, down tuned chugging guitars and gut wrenching screams... and lets face it, thats all we're looking for.
A beyond brutal collection of a dirty mix of hardcore, stoner doom and sludge that puts some similar veteran bands to shame!

• Label: Holy Roar Records

• Pressing Info: Limited to 100 - Black, 400 - Blue & Green

• Price: £10/$15

~ Jay

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

2 Years In The Making...

Elder - Dead Roots Stirring (2011)

Remember back in 2009 when Elder released their self titled debut LP? It was an absolute belter of a stoner  album and left everyone massively impressed and desperate for more. Well its only taken the guys 2 years but god bless them they're back with a brand spanking new studio album. But surely I hear you say, how could they possibly do any better than their first effort!?... They can't.
Haha, only joking! Once again, and naturally they've well and truly knocked it well outta the park. Which really begs the question, why the hell have they not been picked up by a major label yet!?

A touch more psychedelic and upbeat than it's forerunner the entire album still drips in big fat waves of riffs and distant haunting vocals. But moving away slightly from the doomy first outing hasn't hampered the band in anyway. Where as many would often fall foul of straying away from a proven and well received style the guys have managed to maintain their solid song structure and create something that feels almost completely new. If thats not a true testament of talent, I don't know what is.

~ Jay

For Fans Of; Sleep, Electric Wizard, Black Pyramid, Stonehelm, Wo Fat

Friday, September 16, 2011

Waxing Lyrical - Vinyl Review...

Church Of Misery - Master Of Brutality / Second Coming (2011)

Finally! It's here...
I initially got word of the repress of Master Of Brutality when talking to Tatsu late last year. It was all a bit hush hush and nothing was set in stone at the time, but nevertheless I was excited. So when it was annouced within the first few months of the year its was definitely going ahead along with the repress of Second Coming it was music to my ears. The initial release date was for around May time, that then got pushed back to June, then further on to August then finally, just last week, after months of daily checking it eventually popped up on the Rise Above website.
Unlike the repress of Volume 1, nothings new in the way of the mix of either recording but then both original versions of the LP's were pretty much spot on anyway. What has changed is the addition of bonus tracks spread over an extra disc each as well as the covers. Where the original Masters Of Brutality vinyl came with the John Wayne Gacy cover inside of a cardboard envelope, they have this time opted for the Sabbath homage. As for the Second Coming cover, nothing actually new, instead of the original LP's simple orange paper Ted Bundy adorned sleeve they have actually used the cover that Salvation Records used then they repressed the cd back in 2005. Either way, both look great.
There's not much point going into detail about the albums, if you're here then you'll know Church Of Misery and how awesome they are. If by what ever reason you don't, well then just go hit the links below and have your mind well and truly blown!..

By the way, I managed to order a few copies just minutes after they went up on the site. Within 48 hours all of the clear vinyl super limited editions had gone! So you may just have a problem getting hold of these ones...

~ Jay

• Label: Rise Above Records

• Pressing Info:
Master Of Brutality - 100 Clear - 300 Transparent Purple - 300 Grey - 300 Half Transparent Purple/Half Grey
Second Coming - 100 Clear - 300 Transparent Blue - 300 Transparent Red - 300 Half Transparent Blue/Half Transparent Red

• Price: £18/$25

For Fans Of; Black Sabbath, Eyehategod, Motörhead, Iron Monkey, Dot[.]

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grand Germany Space Rock Jamming...

Grandloom - Sunburst (2011)

These guys first grabbed my attention with they're EP Dollar Jam a while back, then they kind of dropped off my radar a little. But the 3 piece instrumental jam band are back in my life once again with this they're first full length album.
The guys have something of the Kyuss about them. With those similar sounding desert rock induced walls of riffs and occasion forays of acoustic guitar intros. The whole album does somewhat play like a spaced out version of Welcome To Sky Valley, just minus the vocals obviously. It's a great trippy release well worth checking out. Plus come October if you're in Germany you just be lucky enough to catch them with Karma To Burn!

If you dig the album don't forget that for just €17 you can have all this desert space rock jamming on lovely vinyl. What a bargain! (hit up their Myspace below for details)

~ Jay

For Fans Of; Sungrazer, Causa Sui, Yawning Man, Pelican, Giants

Monday, September 12, 2011

Et tu Brutus?...

Brutus - Self Titled (2010)

I can't remember for the life of me where I actually picked this album up from or when. It recently just popped up on my iPod much to my pleasant surprise.
This part Norwegian part Swedish crew churn out some of the best classic rock style lead breaks and solos I've heard in years. The haunting fret work just whales like an awesome homage to the likes of Clapton, Page or dare I say, Hendrix. But the skill doesn't just begin and end with the guitars, every element throughout the band holds its own and are note worthy, especially Jokke's fantastic vocals. So much so that it would surprise me if the guy learnt English soley by listening to Zeppelin or Uriah Heep records. He just got one of those voices that was just made to sing this style of music.
This is an absolutely cracking debut album from a band I'm definitely going to be keeping a close eye on in the future.
If you're a classic rock connoisseur, trust me you're gonna love this!...
~ Jay

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Free Holy Roar Heavyness...

Holy Roar Records - Holy Hell Summer Sampler (2011)

It's always nice to get free stuff right? Of course it is! It's even better when you don't have to feel guilty because you've stolen it. Yeah, thats right you little pirating bastards, you know who you are.
Only joking.
Anyway, fret not heres a lovely little guilt free and cost free sampler from the cracking little UK based Holy Roar Records who have release material by, amongst others, Chariots, Throats and most recently the awesome Hang The Bastard.
There's a pretty diverse array of genres featured so there should be something there for everyone. But dont take my word for it, go have a looksy!

~ Jay

For Fans Of; Hang The Bastard, Gallows, Throats, Heracy, Dopefight

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Deep, Deep Southern Stoner Grooves...

Mother Mars - Take The Ride (2011)

Another Bandcamp find here, and good god what a find! Mother Mars first grabbed my attention when I read their tags on the aforementioned site's page. Amongst 'heavy' 'psychedelic' and 'stoner' was 'beer'... Sorry, but how the hell could I pass up a (potentially) free 5 track download from a band that list BEER in their tags!? Thats some genius marketing!
So they can sell themselves, but how do they sound? Dirty desert rock psychedelic riffs? Gravely deep vocals? A swirling mesh of classic rock and modern day stoner grooves?... Yes, yes and yes! I shouldn't really need to go on to be honest. If you've got a brain in your nut then you should have already have left here and be checking these guys out. But if you are some what lacking in the brain cell department I will just leave you with this...
Think Kyuss like vocals with Orange Goblin subject matter backed to a fusion of Yawning man and Fu Manchu and occasional Dozer esque riffage...
Exactly. Now go!

~ Jay

For Fans Of; Orange Goblin, Nebula, Planet Of Zeus, Aver, Daredevil

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Retro Rockin' n Rollin'...

Chicago Stone Lightning Band - Self Titled (2011)

Oh this is good...
Sorry but I'm not gonna build up to it or bury the lead here. I love this album.
The whole recording is totally bathed in that tone and atmosphere that was so prevalent in the late 60's and early 70's, to the point where you could have easily just told me it was 40 years old and I'd have bought it no questions asked. Those classic blues influenced riffs, that gave birth to the likes of the Rolling Stones, The Doors and Led Zeppelin are all there, resurrected by a new generation. It's truly like a 35 minute homage to the great rock and roll innovators of the 50's - 70's, spanning from the likes of John Lee Hooker, to Cream then finishing off with Grand Funk.
This really is one of those bands where you hear them, love their sound then sit there utterly baffled that they're giving their stuff away free. Yes thats right, if you head to their bandcamp page you can name your price. But hold on there you tight fisted gits, don't just be hitting that '0' button... Give the tracks a listen then make your mind up.
If you're a classic rock and/or blues enthusiast you really can't miss out on this. Which is why I'm not gonna waffle on any longer. Go download the damn thing!

~ Jay

For Fans Of; The Rolling Stones, BB King, The Datsuns, The Raconteurs, DeepSeaGreen

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Iowan's Obscure Metal...

Acoustic Guillotine - Self Titled (2011)

Bit of a weird one here I will warn you. When I say weird, I really incredibly goddamn strange. It's kind of an obscure and unique mass of stoner doom bass licks, simple low tech drums and black metal/hardcore vocals. The only time I have honestly ever heard anything even remotely similar was when I put an Agoraphobic Nosebleed 7" on my turntable at 33rpm not 45. I don't rightly know what to make of the whole album myself, it lacks depth and drive compared to the usual bands we have on here but I get the impression that wasn't what these guys were going for anyway. It's leaves me a bit hollow really, but thats just my opinion. I passed it on to a couple of friends who're into more sporadic and progressive side of these genres and they both lapped it up. So, swings and roundabouts really.

It's slow, gloomy and insanely creepy. You should really check it out on these merits alone. It won't be to everyones taste but hell, they're giving it away free so what have you got to loose!?

~ Jay

For Fans Of; Prong, Suicidal Tendencies, GG Allin, Japanese Torture Comedy Hour, Charles Manson

Friday, September 02, 2011

Take Cover!...

Trenches - EP (2011)

Trenches are from Galway in Ireland, and describe themselves as ‘downtempo hardcore’ – personally I think ‘sludge noise bastards’ fits better, although the nicest sludge noise bastards you’re likely to meet.

We caught Trenches absolutely demolishing a pub in Coventry recently. It was an epic sight to behold, three guitarists, bass player and drummer crammed on a tiny stage with singer prowling and screaming his guts out offstage. The wall of sound from the three guitars was deafening and the experience was cathartic, at the very least. So how do they hold up on record?

Frighteningly well, is the answer. Opener ‘Carrier’ is a short but sweet statement of intent, all taut guitar lines and sludgy passages, chuggy tempos recalling Dopefight and screamed vocals straight out of the bat. Intelligent tonal harmonies add texture and the song ends with a lovely almost post rock crescendo, before ripping into ‘Vices’, the undoubted jewel in the crown of this EP. Absolutely brutal, drawing out influences from the hardcore scene with fast sections cutting into groove based riffs, topped by a powerful growl. About a minute or so in appears a discordant riff that Norma Jean would be proud of, before the song disappears into full on down tempo sludge territory. Intelligent use of layering and harmonies born from the use of three guitars adds real texture and makes this a joy to listen to. ‘Bloodbubble’ is similarly nasty, conjuring comparisons with Hang the Bastard and Neurosis, especially where the band break out into an atmospheric, almost post-metal led middle section, before bringing back the sludgy noise to finish. 

All in all, this is a great record that everyone should check out. It’s brutally heavy but not afraid of bringing in some lovely guitar work to add tone. There are some great riffs and evidence of intelligent song structures, something that is sometimes a bit lacking in this genre, it’s a refreshing change to hear. Even better, on the evidence of the new tracks performed on their recent tour, the new LP (due in September) is shaping up to be even better.

~ Andy

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