Record Labels

We all love a free download, but be sure to keep the great labels alive and hit up their stores every now and again. Here's a few of our favourites and friends...

Cavity Records
Fantastic little Ohio based label dealing mostly in post rock and giving a well deserved break to many an unsigned band.

Emetic Records
Been around for years and producing vinyl long before many others. In recent times they've concentrated on repressing doom, sludge and black metal classics.

Go Down Records
A relatively new company, GDR have paved the way for signing new up and coming garage, psych and stoner rock acts.

Heavy Psych Sounds
Brainchild of Black Rainbows guitarist Gabriele, HPS have just a few titles to their name at the moment, but they're damn good ones, so their future sure looks bright.

Hydro-Phonic Records
Awesome little US based label that have received many an order from me come payday. They knocked out some great vinyl from the likes of Bongzilla, Eternal Elysium and one of my favourites, Olde Growth.

Kozmik Artifactz
Fantastic little label & one of, if not my most frequented online stores. If it's stoner or psych related these guys will have it... or will be in the process of pressing the wax.

Started in 1997 Magic Bullet and have gone from strength to strength. Often finding their feet doing limited runs of 2nd presses.

This great little team from Athens, Georgia produce some cracking limited edition post rock vinyl pieces one after another.

Napalm Records
One of Germany's biggest labels at the moment, having spent the last 15 years sourcing the best industrial, black metal, death metal, viking metal... In fact any sub genre ending in 'metal'.

Nasoni Records
Berlin based Nasoni have been knocking around for a few years now and are focused on up and coming desert rock, psych and post rock bands and giving their albums a limited edition run on wax.

Nuclear Blast
Originating in Germany but now with a base in the US, Nuclear Blast have been around since 1987 and are still going from strength to strength.

Phonosphera Records
Awesome little label hailing from Italy. If you're into psych and space rock or something a little more on the trippy side, then you really need to check these guys out.

Red Moth Records
Great little DIY label that goes the extra mile for their bands. Run by our very own Stephen, if you want post rock/metal, then he's your man!

Reflections Records
Holland's premier site for great vinyl, be it stoner, psych, sludge or doom. They also create some truly amazing 'diehard' packages and offers!

Riding Easy Records
Hailing from the west coast of the US, Riding Easy have brought us some of the best new and original stoner, doom and psych the US and beyond have had to offer.

Ripple Music
Top notch independent label from the sunny state of California. They produce some cracking vinyl and through some great discoveries they've gone from strength to strength.

This London based crew have been knocking around since the late 80's and have dealt with some of the biggest names in stoner rock, doom, metal, psych and black metal.

Over the last few years Small Stone have found some of the best stoner rock outfits, and doing the rounds, including Wo Fat, Lo-Pan and Sasquatch and pressed their stuff on wax... and we bloody love them for it!

Southern Lord
Founded by Sunn 0))) and Goatsnake front man Greg Anderson. Southern Lord is top of most peoples list when it comes to new and classic doom, sludge, hardcore and drone.

Speedo Wax
My very own vinyl dealer and friend's not for profit label. Born and bred in the Midlands (UK), no one's more savvy when it comes to post punk and hardcore.

This Charming Man
Another cracking German label, and a relatively new one. Already on the right track they've pressed some great vinyl and have more planned for this year.

Totem Cat Records
Another of our favourite independent labels! Based in France, Totem Cat have a shed load of great releases under their belt, including some great pressings from the likes of Wo Fat, Egypt, Dopethrone and Stonehelm!

Transubstans Records
New off the block, Sweden's Transubstans Records team up with to bring some of the best acid, psych, space and stoner rock the world has to offer.