Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Howlin' At The Moon...

Moon Curse - Self Titled (2012)

There's a lot to be said for a good album cover, and I will happily argue way into the night with any man, woman or child that says otherwise. In fact I once almost punched a guy in a Korn hoodie for referring to the cover of Leaf Hound's Growers Of Mushroom as 'shite'. What can I say, you've gotta stick to your principles. I'm not saying todays efforts are all lack luster, or even that all classic rock art work was mind blowing, but really, if you think back to to all the seminal covers over the years, most of them came pre the digital era. Back from a time when, (kids, brace yourselves for this) we actually had to leave the house to get music, then while you were perusing the shelves something would just jump out at you and grab your attention. Granted, I missed the real heyday of this, being born into an age, post the likes of such albums as Led Zeppelin III where a wheel in the front sleeve that when turned sent the cover all trippy. Or The Bonzo Dog Band's Tadpole, where pulling out the inner sleeve made the bands eyes change in a truly Monty Python like fashion. There just seemed to be more effort back then, hell, just look at the recent loss of legend Storm Thorgerson, he didn't just have possibly the greatest name in ever, he delivered some of the best album artwork in history as well as proving that covers didn't necessarily have to be overly complicated, they just had to grab your attention. Which coincidentally is exactly how I stumbled upon Milwaukee's psych doom trio... Moon Curse (it also goes some way to explain why I've put up all four alternative versions of the cover of their vinyl). While bouncing around Instagram and trying to avoid endless pictures of people's goddamn meals I happened across some fantastic work by a chap called Vincent Zager. One thing lead to another, and amid a whiskey enthused internet search, I land upon a bandcamp page where before I knew it I'd bought four copies of the the same bloody album. But to be fair, most of my best internet purchases have been fuelled by some of Tennessee's finest, and without question Moon Curse certainly slip into this category.
Some may question the validity of comparing them to Uncle Acid, given the almost dizzyingly high pedestal they're currently atop, but to hell with it, I'm sticking to my guns. That same doomy psychedelic style is there in droves, whaling eerily at its highs and growling with a gut thumping rumble at it's lows. Which for me is actually where they outshine Uncle Acid, as there just seems to be that little bit more diversity. More twists and turns to retain your attention. You can hear an evident inspiration sure, but it's far from any kind of rip off, before you jump to that conclusion. Moon Curse have carved out their own sort of niche within the genre. Adding a extra layer of what I can only really describe as furiously or directed anger to their style in certain places. The switching of vocal style mid song is also used to full roaring effect too, most evidently in the final track Black Elk. Beginning with a wholly impressive harmonic that flows perfectly along with the bass as the track progresses through the six minute mark, the darkness draws in and Matt cranks up the tone to a melodic metal before opting for a balls out crushing doom roar. To say that flitting that effortlessly from beautiful to brutal is a skill would be an understatement. But Matt, Rochelle and Keith have clearly managed to really click together, and it shows in every single track. What more could you possible ask for? You're given big screaming Sabbath esque riffs, awesome vocals that sound like they're being bellowed from within a church hall and an overall tone that would be no more at home than if it was to be laid directly over clips of 60's and 70's cult horror films. In fact, I'm really tempted to put on Witchfinder General, stick this on repeat, then drop a heroic dose of mushrooms... Actually, come to think of it I will be in Amsterdam this weekend, so not to give too much away, I will be double checking that this has been put on my iPhone before I head to the airport.
But if just downloading the album for free isn't enough for you (and nor should it be!) I urge you to follow suit and please grab yourself a copy of the vinyl! Mine turned up this morning, and believe me when I say it sounds bloody amazing! There's only 300 pressed, with each of the covers limited to just 75 pieces each and they're going really fast. Plus remember, they're unsigned and doing everything off their own backs. So if nothing else, just look at it as an investment towards the next release which is currently in the works. Already written, they plan to hit the studio at some point throughout the summer with the same producer (Nolan Trealo) as before, and once again doing it all analogue, which let's face it, should be the only way to do it.
~ Jay
For Fans Of; Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Mountain Witch, Windhand, Elder, Salam's Pot


Monday, April 29, 2013

Taking Your Brain To Another Dimension...

Hua†a / Bitcho - Split LP (2013)

I'm excited, because I have another fine little split LP for you today! This one's by the Brittanian Huaa and the Dutch Bitcho, working together to create a phychedelic, hypnotic, droning force a la Earth. Huaa open with a fifteen-and-a-half minute track. It creaks and cracks and shreds as it progresses and the haunting vocals turn it into something not of this world. The split's second song is the shortest one, a five minute piece which leaves me as bewildered as the first one, and last but not least is Bitcho's twelve minute sound attack. Heavier, meaner and dirtier than Huata's previous works, it lifts the drony eeriness to a next level. A mighty conclusion to a mighty collaboration. As the last notes have entered my ears and are some way or another processed in my brain, it leaves me sort of confused as to what I have been listening to, as drone should. To me drone's almost not music anymore, but more of an experience in which you just have to let yourself fall into, and that is what the psychedelic elements of both Huaa and Bitcho are more than capable of doing. It doesn't get as abstract as ie Sunn O))) however, and I think that is for the better, but maybe that's just me not being able to handle them, haha! You can judge for yourself, when you click on the little link to their bandcamp page below where you can pick up some great free downloads. As for the split LP, well at the moment it is just that. No downloadable at the moment but the vinyl is available via MusicFearSatan.com. With just 500 pressed, 400 on black, and 100 on a multi coloured streak, they're gonna go fast! Enjoy.
~ Ruben
For Fans Of; God Speed You! Black Emperor, Harbor Of Devils, Tryals, Blueneck, Domo

Huaa ~ WebsiteFacebookMyspace • Bandcamp

Bitcho ~ FacebookBandcamp


Saturday, April 27, 2013


Not too much news this week... Most of the nice stuff from last weeks record store day has inevitably been slapped on eBay for silly money. Naam's new album Vow is to drop on 4th June courtesy of Tee Pee Records, and our friends Mountain Witch have confirmed that This Charming Man Records will be putting out their new release later this year. So thats some good news.

The Valley Of The Sun project to get Electric Talons Of The Thunderhawk made wrapped up this week. The chaps got the bulk of the money so that surely will go some way to get the record on its feet. Good work to everyone who donated.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Pop Goes The Germanic Doom...

WALL Self Titled (2013)

Self-proclaimed ‘pop’ doomers WALL have accomplished what few bands can on their first major release: a heavy, tuned-down brutalness laced with astounding guitarwork and Sabbath-esque vocals that steer each song between the divine and the hellish. Hailing from Cologne, Germany, WALL are not afraid to keep the listener guessing what catchy, but wholly crushing, riff will come next in this collection of hybrid doom that demands repeat listens. Embracing the more melodic aspects of metal that are often forgotten these days in exchange for fierce, lashing vocals that split the air like gunfire, WALL have channeled the spacy and classic rock influences of their pasts and driven forward without looking back. In between fits of static feedback sit epic solos and deafening chords that seem to never end, but, with such passion pushing each track, who needs them to?

If nothing else, let’s respect the fact that WALL opens the album with an epic Back To The Future sample. Because let’s face it, if you don’t like BTTF, you can’t can just get the hell out.
You can grab the album on vinyl over at This Charming Man Records.
For Fans Of; Torche, Floor, Jesu, Isis,


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Good Old School Skull Fu...

Ape Skull - Self Titled (2013)

Capturing the essence of an artwork is the most important thing when creating it, and I believe this essence can only be captured by trying to only capture this, and not dwell on it. In my visual arts I do this by quicksnapping photos, quickly and emotionally sculpting and painting, and in general just immediately carry out ideas I have. This Italian trio named Ape Skull must have thought the same when recording their debut, as they finished it in only one session, and in that one session they've definitely captured the glory days of the hippie age. Heavy doses of psychedelic rock that make me long for a hot summerday in the park, some cold beers and a gathering of people just chilling. Now the album's last song Hooka kicks in it reminds me that one of those would be granted a warm welcome too. Ape Skull might be one of many that follow the yearning for the music of the days of yore, but to me is the only band that fully succeeds in capturing that old but not forgotten sound. The production is a lot clearer than the old classics but I'm not one to say that it's 'overproduced' just because it doesn't sound like it's recorded in some leaking basement next to the town's main road, I call better recording equipment. Whatever the case, it doesn't matter to me, and shouldn't matter to you too, as the tunes Ape Skull play are what is important. Rightfully so at that. Their tunes will, in my quaint little music library, join the ranks of Steppenwolf, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and the likes. Yes, I am putting it up there. They may not peak Led Zeppelin or my favourite old time rockers Deep Purple, but they are up there. It is just really, really good, and keeps getting better the way the album progresses. Go and get it. Go on! What are you waiting for, for this review to end? Screw this review, just enjoy Ape Skull!
There's actually no downloadable release currently available but we've been given permission to hit you lucky lot up with a couple of tracks. But if you're yearning for more, go and pick up the super limited vinyl from our good friends at Heavy Psych Sounds! There's 200 on blue vinyl, 200 on yellow and 100 on violet, but get in there quick because there's not many left!
~ Ruben
For Fans Of; Pink Floyd, Taste, Atomic Rooster, Iron Butterfly, Orange Peel


Monday, April 22, 2013

Return Of The Wølf Pack...

Sunwølf II - Midnight Moon (2013)

Matt from the band dropped me this nigh on a month ago and I've been sitting on it, itching to get it up and on the site every bloody day since. But being as the vast majority of you lot are enthusiasts of the herb, I could almost garentee that you'd all forget when it came to the day the thing actually dropped. So here we are, the album's available from today, and what better way could there be to start your week eh? I'll tell you... Bloody none!
Now I stated when we covered the guys first release Beyond The Sun that this band would go "from strength to strength", and to be fair I am rarely wrong. But it did soon dawn on me that their debut was pretty damn epic, and not just for a first release... Which doesn't really leave me with much wiggle room should this follow up have gone the way of the dogs. But in true Nostradamus fashion I was spot on with my prediction and lads have well and truly outdone themselves. The general ethos and execution of the record hasn't particularly altered from the first release, hell, where exactly do you go from near perfection? But what does differ is the overall feel and ambiance. In an beautiful reflection of the new artwork the whole affair is somewhat darker and more somber than before. Eerie and haunting, at times it plays out like Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata updated for the 21st Century. I know that's quite possibly one of the most unorthodox cultural references you'll find from a predominantly stoner rock orientated site, but trust me, it's fitting. Echoing a similar underlying melancholy at it's core as most  classical music, the whole album washes along beautifully, slipping effortlessly in and out of shoegaze and post metal alike. The guys execute every twist, turn, rise and fall with almost clinical precision and balance making this one of the finest examples of it's genre. If you're looking for an intoxicating collection of ambiance in the ilk of Red Sparowes, interspersed with the occasional and perfectly timed ferocity of, say, Isis then you really should pick Midnight Moon up. The download is available of today, but if you fancy a physical copy, you can pick up the cassette for £3 (limited to 100), the CD for £5 (limited to 50) or our obvious preference, lovely white vinyl for just £10! (limited to 300), all via the guys themselves through their Bandcamp page or our friends at Speedowax.
~ Jay
For Fans Of; Pelican, If These Trees Could Talk, Caspian, Russian Circles, Omega Massif


Saturday, April 20, 2013


Yes, thats right, its that time of the year that all our wive's, girlfriends and significant others dread!...
It's Record Store Day!
So if you've not been out already go and frequent your trusty old wax dealer and make his day by pitching him a few bucks, because there are some cracking releases hitting the shelves this weekend. Too many to actually state here, plus I'm lazy, so here's the full list - RSD 2013 Releases

The Valley Of The Sun project to help to get Electric Talons Of The Thunderhawk made is in its final week, so go get in while you can!

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Nitty Gritty Old School Ditties...

Modern Slang - The Nitty Gritty River City EP (2013)

Memphis, Tennessee is home to yet another one of my modern rock 'n' roll favourites 'Modern Slang.' The irony of all this modernness is not lost on me though, as Modern Slang sound like they've just entered the seventies. But unlike the retro rock wave that's been hitting the music world lately Modern Slang don't get their inspiration from Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. The Nitty Gritty River City EP is laden with Skynyrd vibes (especially songs like Saturday Night Special & I Ain't The One), but it definitely isn't a copy! The Modern-retro-sounding-Slang do their own thing, their own very Southern rocking and rolling thing. The strong riffage and catchy choruses make this one of my favourite records that I've heard over the last couple of months, that makes me ache for a party even though I'm barely recovered from yesterday. So if everyone'd be so kind to get over to their site and buy their record for a measely 5 dollars these guys might get enough money for a European tour so I can party at their show (and well, you guys too offcourse!).
~ Ruben
For Fans Of; Thin Lizzy, Cactus, Foghat, Free, Poobah


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Record Store Day 2013 (Part I)...

Botch - American Nervoso (2007)

This Saturday marks the first of two Record Store Days planned for 2013 (the second finding its way into the annual shit-fest of America, more commonly known as Black Friday), with the first shaping up rather nicely in comparison to years past. While bands across all genres have come out of the woodworks to offer up b-sides, collaborations and previously unreleased materials, some of the most promising and intriguing vinyl releases will be offered up by longstanding metal and hardcore labels. The cream of the crop in those regards will be Botch’s 1999 debut American Nervoso, which will see a deluxe 2xLP release compliments of Hydra Head Records. The RSD-exclusive release will feature the album re-mastered in its entirety, as well as five bonus tracks (the majority appearing to be demos of the album’s material). The release will also feature the album’s original artwork.
For many, American Nervoso served as one of the most driving and moving records of the hardcore scene that quickly gained momentum in the early 2000’s. As the album still possesses the raw emotion and frustration felt by Botch’s members at the time of its recording, it is likely to be one of Hydra Head’s more prominent RSD releases despite a hefty back catalog. Following its initial release, American Nervoso revealed Botch as one of the more technical hardcore acts that stood apart from the breakdown-ridden bands of the time. Although Botch’s eventual disbandment resulted in the formation of other groundbreaking acts (Narrows, Russian Circles), their definitive sound remains heralded and will not want to be missed by vinyl enthusiasts this weekend.

Other RSD releases to keep your eyes peeled for include:
Between The Buried And Me - Parallax 1 & 2 boxset (Metal Blade Records); three LPs, including multi-colored splatter, blue/white marble and gray/white marble.
Between The Buried And Me - The Anatomy Of (Victory Records); first pressing on limited edition, colored vinyl.
Cave In - Until Your Heart Stops (Hydra Head); long-out-of-print debut receives a repress on 2xLP. 
Deftones - Live: Volume 1 - Selections from Adrenaline (Warner Bros.); four tracks recorded live at Memorial Auditorium in Buffalo, NY on October 13, 1996.
Earth CrisisFirestorm (Victory Records); limited edition, colored vinyl.
Deep Purple / Type-O Negative - Side by Side: Highway Star (Roadrunner); 7" clear and deep purple opaque-colored vinyl.

All Record Store Day 2013 Releases can be found here.
~ Joe
For Fans Of; Coalesce, Cave In, Daughters, These Arms Are Snakes, Narrows


Monday, April 15, 2013

Dirty Ol' Oklahoma...

Senior Fellows - Ecclesiastical Servitude (2013) 

If you're a fan of energetic, deathly metal riffs, then you'll love these guys.
The first track i heard from Senior Fellows gave me a taste of what's to come. Slow, dark, simple, 'grim reaper' riffs is a pretty good way of describing the album. Terror, Harm and Justice is a personal favourite for me. This track gives a slightly different feel and sound to the rest of the album. The groove of this song pulls you in, and the screaming vocals lock you in. There are a lot of dynamics from all members on this one. Credit Default Swaps starts off with a very Sabbath sounding riff, which really grabbed my attention. I think Senior Fellows created their own genre with this song - 'Death Blues' I think would be most apt. Sounds interesting, right?! Try to imagine early Sabbath mixed with Muddy Waters & modern death metal. Edward the confesser has an altogether different feel than the other tracks. It's more melodic, but it still has the screaming, grim sound that Senior Fellows are known for. Although, after listening to this album, I think it needs more of those great guitar solos, a little more dynamics on the vocals and some faster songs. But overall this is a great slow, energetic metal album!
If the grim reaper had a soundtrack, it would be this album!
~ Connor
For Fans Of; Eagle Twin, Sourvein, Old Man Gloom, Starve, Trenches


Saturday, April 13, 2013


Right, Valley Of The Sun are still looking for help to get Electric Talons Of The Thunderhawk made. Head on over to the link and pitch them a few buck eh?
In other news Matt from Sunwølf dropped me a line to let me know that the vinyl for their upcoming release Midnight Moon has been delayed until the end of May. Just remember, good things come to those that wait! FYI keep an eye out this week for our review!

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Splitting Hairs...

Rowsdower/Send The Mistress - Split EP (2013)

I love splits. They introduce you to two different bands each doing their own thing whilst still working together on one product, almost always for the better. So do Rowsdower and Send The Mistress on this here record titled 'Split'. Rowsdower kicks off on the first couple of songs with a more blues rocky repetoire, followed by Send The Mistress' more post hardcoreish tunes (not necessarily my cup of tea, but the grooviness with which they pull it of definitely is). Now, I know what you're thinking: blues rock and post hardcore, how can that possibly make for a coherent album? And to be honest, I can't really give you a clear answer on that, but belive you me, they definitely do! The differences in musical styles are surpassed by the same sorta vibe both bands put out, and I have to give credit where credit is due to Dead Groove Records for seeing the potential and having the balls to make this split happen. This bundle of naturally progressing variety, wrapped in a giftwrap of artwork reminding me of Jonathan Meese (one of my favorite visual artists) make this split a very, very appealing offer for only 5 bucks. Get your ass over to the Dead Groove website, give it a listen and then pay the shop a visit, it's worth it.
~ Ruben
For Fans Of; Arctic Monkeys, Radio Moscow, Zodiac, Pet The Preacher, Black Cowgirl

Rowsdower - FacebookMyspaceSoundCloudReverbNation

Send The Mistress - FacebookMyspaceReverbNation


Monday, April 08, 2013

Chop It Down...

Baptists - Bushcraft (2013)

View Canada as you will. Neutral on a world scale and self-determined. Hockey-centric with a hint of maple-syrupy goodness around every corner. Anyway you paint it, Canada’s Baptists could give a shit. They have just as much rage to express as the next hardcore outfit, and it’s painfully clear on every track of their Southern Lord debut Bushcraft. The Vancouver, B.C.-based four-piece may give the first impression that they have nailed down the sound that has become akin to acts littered across labels like Deathwish or Seasons of Mist, but quickly show that they have the chops to deliver something more than a diluted album filled with a mish-mash of predictable breakdowns and lyrics waxing poetic about young angst. What Baptists delivers is a commentary on the existential, political, spiritual and financial spirits that haunt everyday life. This commentary is backed by brutal instrumentation that rarely lets up and allows the listener to catch their breath. While everything offered on Bushcraft isn’t necessarily groundbreaking, one can expect a solid listen that promises to become better each time around. It would seem that Baptists have quickly dug in their heels and have nowhere to go but deeper and deeper into the darkness that fuels their music.
Want it on vinyl? No problem! Just head over to Southern Lord and you can pick it up on limited edition swamp green wax!
~ Joe
For Fans Of: Converge, Trap Them, Botch, All Pigs Must Die, Nails

Saturday, April 06, 2013


Right, Valley Of The Sun are still looking for help to get Electric Talons Of The Thunderhawk made. Head on over to the link and pitch them a few buck eh?
In other news Matt from Sunwølf dropped me a line to let me know that the vinyl for their upcoming release Midnight Moon has been delayed until the end of May. Just remember, good things come to those that wait!

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Friday, April 05, 2013

They Sound Like They're From Lon-don...

Crystal Head - Self Titled (2013)

I met these guys in a bar and they have awesome beards.
No. Not that kinda bar. I probably should elaborate really... A couple of weeks back I was in Islington, London to catch Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats at The Garage. While waiting for the doors to open we spent several hours knocking back pints of the black stuff in a little pub called the Hope & Anchor, which is where we got chatting with brothers Jon and Dean. Conversation moved from beards to the site and then on to their band. So here we have it, I present to you, Crystal Head.
It's kinda hard to summarise what Crystal Head actually sound like, believe me we tried at the bar for some time. But picture a sort of post desert rock style with a Brit-rock undertone. Now, I will point out right here that it truly pains me to use the term 'Brit-rock' but I've wracked my brain for days and can't come up with anything more apt. You'll understand when you hear them though, trust me. Where various other desert rock acts could quite easily pass for being born and bred on the US's west coast, even if they really hail from Greece, Italy or Romania for example, there really is no denying this trio's roots. Not that that should deter anyone, hell, it's great to hear a fresh take on the genre! What's better is that it really works, and evidently from a variety of angles too. Bursting out the gates with what could almost certainly pass as a Karma To Burn written riff, Perfect Weirdo gives you your first taste of whats to follow in the next 43+ minutes. Ebbing and flowing along a predominantly mellow sort of path, there's a heavy presence of post rock that acts as a sort of backbone to the entire record, even when the tracks waiver from desert to space rock in tone. In fact, even when touching base with some southern rock stylings like the final minute of First and Last, the tempo can seamlessly be taken back down to conclude the album with the awesomely trippy and chilled out Night Of Broken Glass.
Crystal Head is brilliantly varied for the entirety and its easy to see why these guys are able to perform acoustic sets at the drop of a hat too. But if you wanna hear these chaps in all their plugged-in glory I suggest you shake your ass down to the now infamous Desertfest at the end of the month, where no doubt they'll be giving the rest of the line up's a run for their money.
~ Jay

For Fans Of; Yawning Man, Muse, The Desert Sessions, Mars Red Sky, Sunna


Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Lost In The Desert...

1000mods - Valley Of Sand (2012)

I really don't know why I've not had these guys on here before. They've been right at the top of my iTunes for years and their blinding Super Van Vacation can often be found doing its rounds on my turntable. Still, better late than never.
If you're already familiar with this little Greek quartet then you don't really need to be told what to expect in the way of quality, because lets face it, outside of California, there are few bands that can pull off the desert rock genre with the same distinction as 1000mods. That being said, they have approached Valley Of Sand from a slightly different angle to all their past works. This time around opting for more of a Causa Sui vibe, they've cranked the overdrive down a few notches and set out on a 17 minute, mellow jam-fest. Meandering down a fuzzy highway of classic Sanata-like licks, they twist and turn throwing the odd haunting vocal groan your way before building the tone and pace up slightly, only to lull you in and drop it back down again before the long fade out. It's somewhat at the other end of the genres spectrum to Super Van Vacation but it's still an excellent example of good ol' desert rock psych. But for me though, side B is what really slays it, as you're treated to 3 live tracks that well and truly cement just how goddamn talented these guys are. If after the final 18 or so minutes you don't have an unquenchable thirst to see 1000mods live then I can only assume you are utterly void of a soul. But fear not, if you have got a brain in that skull and you do wanna actually watch the guys doing what they do best they'll be doing the rounds throughout Europe as of 12th April. As well as various shows within their homeland they'll be visiting Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Germany, Holland and tearing up the opening day of Desertfest here in the UK.
Oh, and if wasn't good enough news for you, you can pick this little gem up on limited white wax, via the band themselves or our friends at Kozmik Artifactz. There's only 500 of these pressed, so move fast!
~ Jay
For Fans Of; Kyuss, Causa Sui, Yawning Man, Sungrazer, Enos


Monday, April 01, 2013

Spanish Grunge...

The Dry Mouths - And Show Us (2013)

Describing The Dry Mouths could be very, very simple: Queens of the Stone Age meets Nirvana. There, done. But, even though that basically sums up their newest album And Show Us, it still doesn't do the album justice. Nor the band, for that matter. And Show Us' ingredients may not be the most original, but the way it is performed is not only admirable but also blows a fresh wind through the stoner genre. And by fresh I mean really fresh, like the smell of early spring in a forest right after heavy rain, that fresh. And still they're just a fuzzed-up Nirvana, but still it's good, and still it sounds original, don't know how the lil' fuckers pull it off but it is to my liking. This band confuses me, which I don't think has ever happened to me before. I like it. I think. Definitely keeping an eye out for their future works, hope they will get to exploring and developing their own sound some more, maybe take a few steps back to the experimentation of their first record (which is definitely worth a listen too). Lots of potential here, and well, they've put up everything up for name your price over at their bandcamp page, so no reason to not just give it a try.
~ Ruben
For Fans Of; Nirvana, The Pixies, Velvet Revolver, The Subways, Sunna