Monday, January 28, 2013

Baked In The Shade...

Green Shade - ...Bright Interlude (2012)
What better way to (belatedly) start the new year and kick off the blog than with some tripped out weed induced psych? Well thanks to four bong wielding Croatians, we can do just that.
Wholly DIY, low budget, and consisting of an odd element that reminds me of some early 90's grunge that I cant quite put my finger on, Green Shade actually manage to really belt out a real corker of an EP with this homemade release. Yeah, that may initially sound a bit condescending  but when you think stoner psych, you dont immediately think; "Ah! Croatia!" do you? So straight from the opening of the brilliantly named 'Sunshine Of Your Leaf', when you're met with a fade in of a fusion of 60's psych and 90's desert rock riffage you're hair is immediately blown back. What's more, it actually stays blown back too as the forthcoming 25 minutes duck and dive through a hazy collaboration of all the best drug inspired genres of the last 40 plus decades. Peaking with immensely catchy, foot stompin' riffs and bringing you back down to earth with somber spaced out drum and bass heavy ambiance, this truly is one of those hidden little gems of a stoner album that can easily go blow for blow with any other established act of the same ilk that you could care to mention. No bad going for being the meer byproduct of four guy's long boring 2012 summer. Hell, if thats their formula, I really hope nothing exciting happens for them in 2013 because I'd kill to hear a follow up to this little beauty!

For Fans Of; Nebula, Dozer, Wo Fat, Mars Red Sky, Ivy Garden Of The Desert

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