Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Poles Apart...

Major Kong - Orogenesis (2011)

Oh it's been a while since we took a trip to Poland, but thankfully the guys from Major Kong dropped me a line and reminded me of their belting 4 track EP from back in April. I say 'reminded' because I've been sitting on this little beauty for about 6 months according to my iTunes. Once again a mysterious little album thats found it way into my possession and not actually been given the air time it rightfully deserves. Shame on me. Still, better late than never so here we go...
I will admit my over sight of this EP has left me pretty reeling. It was a rookie mistake on my part not getting this up earlier as it really is one of the best produced and executed instrumental stoner/doom albums my ears have ever been blessed with.
Starting life as a mere side project to their original band Fifty Foot Woman, the guys set out to produce their own take on the genre, and goddamn they've done just that! Whaling groove seeping riffs to an upbeat tempo just keep the whole EP on the stoner side of that fine line between stoner/doom, yet occasionally tipping a toe over to test the waters. No lyrics to speak of but a subtle and great use of samples give a nice touch to round off the consistency of the recording.
The best analogy my currently intoxicated brain can conjure is; if you were to imagine the genres as a whole with stoner in the middle, doom, sludge etc on one side and psychedelic, space etc on the other. Well Major Kong have one foot firmly in doom the other foot in psych and their balls securely planted in stoner. It's a strange image sure, but you know what? It bloody works.

Check out the guys bandcamp page have a listen to the tracks and pay what you like for the download, or if you're tight, nothing at all. But c'mon, show some love and hurl a few bucks their way. They're currently working on new material for a full length album so I'm sure the cash will come in helpful.

~ Jay

For Fans Of; Karma To Burn, Kamni, Wo Fat, Electric Wizard, Acid King

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