Monday, February 04, 2013

Tres Hombres...

Annimal Machine - Self Titled EP (2012)
I could be wrong (I often am), but I think this is the first band we've received from good ol' Mexico. Gotta say, they've done themselves proud too. Right out the gates Annimal Machine start ticking all the right boxes. Fuzz, check. Big fat chugging riffs, check. Whaled vocals in a language I don't understand, check! Yeah, a big chunk of it may be sang in Spanish through a ton of reverb, and yes the only Spanish I know translates to "Please can you call for the porter, there appears to be a frog in my bedet",  but trust me when I say that it takes absolutely nothing away from the EP in the slightest. All the emphasis is purely focused on grinding out dirty, heavy and brilliantly catchy licks. Combining elements from classic stoner rock, doom, prog, desert and space rock the end product seamlessly and surprisingly flows really well. But if that for some reason doesn't immediately float your boat, you've really just gotta appreciate the band for listing their drummers name as 'Fat Bastard'.

For Fans Of; Karma To Burn, Black Pyramid, Mountain Witch, Wizard Smoke, Kamni

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