Monday, February 11, 2013

Warsaw Bound & Down...

Palm Desert - Rotten Village Sessions (2013)
Firstly, sorry there was not post on Friday. It was my birthday and I felt like hitting the whiskey instead. Nonetheless, I have returned and I come baring wonderful desert rock gifts.
Now Poland may be somewhat of a far cry from the dusty, swelteringly hot wastelands of California, but thats never stopped these four chaps from grabbing the genre by the knackers and giving it a damn good thrashing. In fact, if I was to say that on their current form they were blowing many of the US's current west coast's acts out the water right now it would be a hell of an understatement. Showing off an array of variety throughout, the album not only plants itself firmly within the desert rock genre but has rings of the golden age of grunge too. Rocking a tone akin to that of early Pearl Jam, albeit, and dare I say it, with a touch more testicular fortitude. Not being scared to mix the bass in a touch louder and give a nice chugging back line where required, even throughout the whaling psych guitar solos. A pretty bold move really as the guitar solos themselves are really one of the most outstanding aspects of this whole recording. Actually, you quite easily tell me that guitarist Piotr is the bastard love child of Josh Homme and Eddie Glass and I'd buy it. Just like on their first album, the guy really sets the tone of every track perfectly. Dialling back to a haunting mellowness for tracks like Mani and Orbitean and letting loose and cracking out a solid southern rock vibe with Damn Good or pure psych feel with Acid Phantom. Praise really need to go to vocalist Wojciech too because he really does make a stunning job of bringing the whole thing together. Plus, when you recall that English isn't his native language, it makes the whole thing that much more impressive.
If you want your rock slightly trippy and with a bit of an old school feel, you need to download the Rotten Village Sessions! It's that bloody simple.

For Fans Of; Kyuss, Nebula, The Desert Sessions, Planet Of Zeus, Aver

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