Saturday, July 28, 2018

Wrestling For Brainanas...

Groover von Kruger - The Scientist and the Monkey (2018)

With seven years between their debut release and this follow-up, it's not too bold to assume that most of you readers are unfamiliar with the Australian group of Groover von Kruger. It's also not much of a stretch to assume that our regulars are happy to check out new stuff, though, so I feel pretty well-assured that the band's hard and funky rock blend will be well-received.
Kicking off with the lively “Dynamite”, the band quickly establishes their flexibility and riff control, before moving into the dirty groover of “Pussy and Pancakes”, which slows things down for a saucy swing through a Spinal Tap-ish push over the top, while the tones go hard bluesy before jumping into retro shredding for a spell.
The title track picks up from there with a bouncier wailer bringing the bass to the fore, playing with dancy beats and high-tension guitar to build an atmosphere which gets neatly overturned by the following song, “Magic Beans”, which takes a lounge-band vibe and undermines it with tongue stuffed nearly through the cheek wall, letting an instrumental groove roll slowly along, with pit stops for announcements in Italian. Lastly, “Already Gone” pulls some of that atmosphere along by way of its casual piano, but spruces it up with funky licks and proggy twists, drawing it out into a fine finish.
There's a surprising amount to digest in these five tracks, and hopefully it won't take the group quite so long to craft their follow-up. Check out the EP yourself, and let the band know you want more if it tickles your fancy.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of; Frank Sabbath, The Heavy Co., Mondo Drag, Stone House On Fire, Stonerror


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