Saturday, August 04, 2018

Precious As Blood...

Idle Hands - Don't Waste Your Time (2018)

Surfacing from the heavier end of the Seattle metal pool, the quartet of Idle Hands make their debut with the five tracks of this EP, enticing listeners with '80s-styled guitar and bass work, modern death flavoring on the drums, and a pop-ish approach to the vocal presence. It balances out to something with much more of a hard rock leaning than all the metal components would suggest, and as their press release notes, there's some comparisons to be made to Ghost, though Idle Hands approach things with significantly less theatricality.
There's some solid songwriting across the EP, with firm foundations established before the band heads off on elaboration and tangents, and the weighted rock flavoring makes for an interesting fit with the usually-melancholy lyrical matter. Occasional bouncing drum rolls lighten up the Gothic veneer with lively indulgence, and the rhythm work in general shows appealing creativity to its twists and noodles. A strong first showing for the band, this should catch plenty of ears as they continue work on a full-length follow-up.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of; Demon Head, Exciter, Ghost, Van Halen, Woods of Ypres


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