Saturday, November 17, 2018

Symptoms Of Indulgence...

WUZI - Severed Head (2018)

Coming at us from England, the four-piece of WUZI are deploying their sophomore EP roughly half a year after their first, and with its four tracks of friendly fuzz rock, Severed Head asserts itself as a well-cooked bit of gristle. Meshing garage rock vibes with some psychedelic polish, a jigger of poppy hooks, and some sneering attitude to the vocals, the band grooves right along, sounding quite comfortable in the odd lane they've carved out for themselves. At just over a quarter of an hour, the EP moves along quickly, but there's enough care given to deepening the tracks' flavor that the brevity isn't too much to bear. Some of the tangents, like the instrumental slide of “Compromised Host”, do make me more than slightly curious to hear what the band would do with some really long track durations, or even just to hear how a bit of live jamming would turn out. In any event, the EP is one which should perk up the ears of those looking for a bit of glitter in their fuzz.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of; Acid Kola Turbo, Flum, The Hissy Fits, Supersnazz, Vanilla Trainwreck


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