Sunday, May 27, 2012

Love, The Italian Way...

Ivy Garden Of The Desert - Blood Is Love (2012)

Another brand spanking new release for you lovely people today!

Diego from the band was kind enough to post me a good old fashioned hard copy promo last month and to be honest, it's barely left my car stereo since. Although having it for over a month I'm only just knocking up a review to put on here because it's only shortly (like over the next week or so) going to be available to you lot. Plus being that most of you worship the weed, if I had put this up back in April you'd have all forgotten about it by now. None the less, as you're all compus mentis now (well some of you at least) you should go check with Nasoni Records, who are once again doing these chaps a solid and cranking out some lovely copies of the album on vinyl. As is there style, expect a very limited few to be pressed on coloured wax. Keep an eye out because theses always fly off the shelves!

Right, on with the album itself. For those of you who caught the guys fantastic first release (those who didn't can here - Docile) you'll be glad to here that the intense and excellent production has not faltered in the slightest. But this time it all takes a somewhat darker and more ominous tone. The same desert esque and ever so slightly industrial style is joined with considerably more in the vocal department this time around and still sounding very much like a young Eddie Vedder which once again fits utterly perfectly. But even with the slightly doomier aspect the album doesn't fail to evoke and huge chugging riff after riff washes over each track enthusing a subtle 90's rock feel with modern day stoner thundering. It's true to say the guys have really found and nailed their sound here. Cutting a neich between brilliantly executed post metal and a latter day classic rock. The little additions and hints of psych, prog and desert rock just add whats clearly a winning formula.

We can't put anything up for download off this at the moment but while you're waiting, and if you haven't already go check out their first cracking release Docile (320kbps). Slightly more on the mellow side, y'all should still love it.

For Fans Of; Pelican, Pearl Jam, Astra, Tool, Unida