Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Return Of The King...

Major Kong - Doom For The Black Sun (2012)

Time to dust off that bong people, the Polish trio are back! Finally giving us a brand new album to follow up last years awesome Orogenesis. Oh, and when I saying 'giving us' I mean it too, because the exceedingly kind chaps have said that we can give it away for free here on the blog! How bloody generous is that!? It's one thing when you're getting a cheap, poorly produced album for nothing but the Major Kong guys have well and truly established their foot hold in the top notch quality side of things. Hell, they'll be supporting the mighty Weedeater in July, so surely that speaks volumes?! Well the answer to that is yes, yes it does and this crusty behemoth of an album only goes to prove that they can not only hold their own with the heavy hitters and veterans but leave many of them in their wake to boot. Big words I know but this thing really has to be heard to be believed. The pounding riffs come flowing one after another, and with the jams pretty much all crossing the 6 minute mark you're truly spoilt for choice. Where so often these doom ridden type 'ballads' can end up monotonous and repetitive, it's certainly not the case here. With the harmonic echoey mix of psych and space coupled with the dirty fuzz of classic stoner rock the entire album meanders through a sort of cosmic trippy tour of all the genres we know and love.
This really is possibly the quintessential stoner/psych instrumental album, there's honestly not a single track, or even moment within a track that lets the recording down. If you're new to the whole instrumental stoner genre I urge you not to start here, solely because the chances are that you'll really struggle to find anything else quite as good...Until their next release that is.

Hit up the links below for the new and previous albums, but if you're feeling especially kind please head over to the guy's Bandcamp page and pitch them a few bucks. You know its bloody worth it!

For Fans Of; Karma To Burn, Kamni, Wo Fat, Mountain Witch, Acid King


  1. dude, when i click on the download link, it just sends me to the bandcamp page, and i can't get this sweeeeet album for free! i know i look like a cheap asshole, but i don't have a choice! please let me know how i can get a hold of this stuff

    1. Check back in 24hrs... We're having a few tech issues but I promise it will be up by this time tomorrow buddy! - jay

    2. Link's all up and working now man :)