Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A Shower Of Bastards...

The Gentleman Bastards - Self Titled (2012)

Bit of a long overdue change of pase for today. I love me some sludge and doom, but I must confess I my heart has always been within the realms of classic, southern and dirty old stoner rock. So being as these Alabama bastards tick all those boxes and more it's safe to say I'm onto a personal winner.
Wallowing in a heathy dose of your typical southern rock style, the album actually rests on the more gentle side of the genre. Sounding distinctly modern in its composition it's tone well and truly lies somewhere back within the 70's amongst the likes of Cactus, Mountain and Black Oak Arkansas. Which suits me just fine as I've always maintained that I was born 30 years too late. Either way your pendulum swings, whether you prefer your modern or classic heavy rock there's something here for you. The little twinges of Soundgarden esque licks that leak through from time to time I can really do without. Thats more of a personal preference and down to my sheer dislike of Chris Cornell though if I'm honest so it shouldn't reflect on these fellas in the slightest. Hell, it only takes about 20 seconds to realise these chaps have potential by the bucket load. Though, I do think that if they could wrangle a decent veteran recording engineer and mixer that have an established track record I think they could just push the envelope that little bit further and go from good to bloody brilliant and possibly start giving the big boys a run for their money. But that all takes money, so c'mon, if you wanna hear more from the Bastards' drop them a few bucks...
~ Jay

For Fans Of; Clutch, Gentlemans Pistols, Blowback, Thunderfist, DeepSeaGreen  


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