Saturday, December 15, 2012


Firstly, apologies for the week off... Between work, the upcoming holiday and illness it's been a bit of a struggle. Normality shall return on monday though, as Bernardo takes the reigns of the blog for a few weeks while I'm on the oposite side of the world. Keep emailing us your bands though!


Don't forget our big prize draw at the end of the year people!
Our box of goodies is getting bigger and bigger each week. We've got shirts from DopefightGurt and Church Of Misery, cd's from Sleep (limited edition), Sonic Flower (limited edition), StubbTrippy WickedIvy Garden Of The Desert and loads more. Some great signed 7" and 12" vinyl as well as some cassettes, posters and loads of stickers.
To be in for a chance to win the lot just drop us a donation and you'll go in to the draw at the end of the year. Every 5 bucks you donate gets you a ticket in the hat.
We really appreciate all donations big or small, they really help out for the costs of keeping the blog running. So to all those who have donated already, thank you!


If you want you're band reviewed on the blog, would like us to add you're company or store our links page, have us mention you're new release above or would like to send us any physical merch (which is always massively appreciated!) then just drop us an email.

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  1. what about the cost of running the blog? I've also a blogspot blog and never had to pay anything so I'm wondering... at what moment do you start having to pay something?

    1. Well with the massive dimise of all but a couple of the file hosting sites most links to various albums and songs subsequently went down. On top of that, not every band uses Bandcamp, so our MediaFire account which we use to host various things we've been sent etc costs us every month. Plus we occasionally try and increase our fan base on facebook and the like with advertising, which does prove effective but costs an arm and a leg.

    2. ok.
      so it's not the blog itself but the mediafire account and the facebook advertising that cost money.
      I understand for Mediafire...but do you really need the advertising?
      anyway, thanks for the reply

    3. The whole purpose of the blog and the reason I started it was to get bands from all corners of the world to people who wouldn't usually get to hear them. You can only maintain that by getting a larger fan base. The fact that I get emails from bands ever week thanking us for the coverage and mentioning that since we've had them on here they've noticed they get hits from the oposite side of the world really speaks for itself. Plus we've now reached over 2million hits.