Saturday, December 17, 2016

Filled With Sparkles...

Glitter Wizard - Hollow Earth Tour (2016)

With this latest album, Glitter Wizard and their glammy strain of hard rock are back with songs of reptilian creatures, UFOs, magical mushrooms, and other oddities well-suited to a hollow-earth setting.  The five-piece band has their groove together in fine form, managing to fit jammy bits into the more regularly-structured stretches of song, and the '70s-flavored noodles of keyboard and guitar are mixed in without stealing momentum from the main riffs.
There's also a nice variety of moods to the album, from chilled-out pieces to harder-rocking beats, and the band flows from one side to the other without any of it feeling fake or forced.  Having a good time is the album's main vibe, and it follows that edict with a faithful liveliness that helps keep things moving smoothly, even through the trickiest spots.
Despite boasting a three-part song towards the middle ("Stoned Odyssey", split into "Spreading the Spores", "Delivering the Monolith", and "Fungal Visions"), the album moves along quickly, not letting itself get bogged down by over-indulgence or major misfires.  Something that should hold up to steady listening, and worth checking out if you've been in the mood for some modern hard rock that does more than just imitate ye olden days.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Banquet, La Chinga, Lizzard, Queen Chief, Teacher


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