Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hungry For Hardcore...

Starve - Black Sludge, White Sludge EP (2012)

Starve made it on to our best of 2011 album - Riding With The Devil Vol. 1. But some how their album of the time Starve didn't make it onto the blog. I know, I dropped the ball there. Sorry.
None the less, the Dutch quintet are back with a pretty kick ass 7" full to the brim with grinding dirty riffs and gritty hardcore vocals. What more could you possibly want, eh?
Just to make a mens I've added the bands 2010 brutal full length Wasteland below. This lastest EP does differ somewhat to the previous release, swaying towards a more stoner outlook rather than the previous full force hardcore assault. Both are fantastic releases, but if the chaps keep heading down this path I really can't wait for the next full length album!

For Fans Of; Isis, House Of Low Culture, Tusk, Arson Anthem, Integrity

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