Saturday, June 23, 2012

War and Wine...

Bacchus - Self Titled (2012)

It seems like Ireland in recent years has become some what of power house in the field of dirty hardcore and sludge. With acts like Five Will Die, Crows, Drainland and Trenches really cementing a distinct talent when it comes to the genre. In fact the latter there is a side project for one of the bands guitarists. But what exactly do Bacchus bring to the table thats new? Well a kind of prog element to be honest. I know that seems a little unorthodox when it comes to hardcore and sludge but hear me out. Yeah there's still an abundance of that typical scream and chug but in when the storms break and the hardcore slows down little rays of harmonic ambiance shine through. Nothing too heavy handed or overly used but just a perfect balance to offset the down right brutality of the rest of the album. Not that theres anything wrong with the brutal aspect, hell far from it! It's some of the best you'll ever here and easily up there with all the usual heavy hitters but it's great to hear something a little different or experimental, no matter how subtle and especially when it comes to this sort of genre which is often stuck in a rut. The long and short of it is that this debut is a bloody corker and will without a doubt appeal to both the die hard sludge fanatics and the slightly more mellow post rock lovers, albeit the ones with an open mind.
You can pick the album up on lovely white wax courtesy of one of our favourite labels - Cavity Records. Do so while you can because they are limited to just 300 copies so don't miss out!

For Fans Of; Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Nasum, Pig Destroyer, Napalm Death, Trenches

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