Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blast From The Past...

Speed, Glue & Shinki - Self Titled (1972)

Way back to the early 70's for this one. A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this little gem when he received a copy of the cd in the post along with some vinyl he bought. It turned out to be a nice little surprise. 
Formed in 1970 by Shinki Chen - widely considered to be Japans answer to Jimi Hendrix and the president of Polydor Records Ikuzo Orita. From what I understand the band was relatively short lived as the aforementioned members struggled to cope with their drummer, Joey Smith's personal life. Slightly ironic as the band took their name from his use of amphetamines and days of glue sniffing throughout the 60's. Needless to say, Im sure you can imagine the trippy, psychedelic tunes the power trio inevitably produced... But if not just follow the link below..

Trying to find a copy of the bands stuff will be a kin to searching for rocking horse shit, but luckily Phoenix Records have been good enough to repress it. So fill ya boots...

For Fans Of; Jimi Hendrix, Hackensack, Led Zeppelin, Corpus, Mainhorse

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