Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Clash Of The Titans...

Dopefight/Gurt - Split EP (2012)

Any of you lot that have been visiting this site for a while will know all about our friends Dopefight and Gurt. But if you're a newbie then this is as good a place to get acquainted with two of the UK's best stoner/sludge acts today as any.
All of you who downloaded our end of 2011 review triple cd - Riding With The Devil, Vol. 1 got an exclusive first listen to Dopefight's opening dirty monolith of a track Stonk. I know, we totally spoil you right? Well as of yesterday its time to get the full treatment. Hit up each of the bands Bandcamp pages to download their respective tracks or do what you should be doing and head over to their merch pages and pick up a copy of this awesome EP on lovely 'sludge' coloured wax!

Label - DIY
Pressing Info - 500 on 'sludge' coloured vinyl
Price - £5/$8

For Fans Of; Iron Monkey, Soilent Green, Sleep, Carcass, Eyehategod

Dopefight - FacebookMyspaceBandcampYoutubeBig Cartel

GurtFacebookMyspaceBandcampYoutubeBig Cartel

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  1. yeah you should really check these two really cool bands. and read this interview by Gurt on Blasting days :