Monday, April 30, 2012

If You Go Down To The Bar Today...

Barbears - Doombar EP (2012)

Bit of Hungarian space rock/metal fusion for you guys here! Yeah, bet you didn't expect to hear that sentence today eh?
This hard working bunch of beer lovers have been working their asses off since 2008 cracking out some sweet tunes that kind of merge that gap between space rock and classic metal. A sort of collision of the fury and heaviness of Goatsnake and the occasionally trippy and almost desert rock like riffs of Dozer. But y'  know, with a Hungarian accent. It's a pretty unique mix and one that you only really seem to get from bands in countries that aren't inherently English speaking. It's a weird anomaly I know.
Anyway the chaps are dying to get touring outside their native land so show some love and hit up their pages and download the EP. Hell, they're giving it to you for free so you really have no bloody excuse not to!

For Fans Of; Alabama Thunder Pussy, Clutch, King Hobo, The Foreign Objects, Daredevils

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