Friday, April 06, 2012

Return To Aus...

No Anchor - Rope/Pussyfootin' EP (2012)

As you know we here at the blog love this little Aussie trio. Last year they they gave us an absolutely blinding record in the form of Real Pain Supernova, that went straight into out top choices and remained there for the rest of the year. So not being ones to rest on their laurels they've hit the studio once again and returned with yet more brand new material to wet your taste buds until the next full length album rears its head. Once again the guys are also kind enough to chuck it up on their Bandcamp page for a price that you choose (God, they're good to us) and once again they've also scraped the cash together and got the thing pressed on two limited 7 inches!
True to form the chaps have once again produced some top notch progressive-post-metal-doom. Granted in its entirety it barely sneaks past the 4:30 minute mark (the download version at least). But dammit man its about quality not quantity, and fortunately enough they're more than aware of this. As what it may lack in run time it more than makes up for in its content and most notably its presentation. When it comes to getting off your arse and DIY projects No Anchor are really second to none. Just like the pressing of Real Pain Supernova, where the covers were screen printed, hand cut and individually numbered. The deluxe version (which I am still biblically gutted that I missed out on) even came with an additional limited cover print. New new 7" goes that little bit further, once again hand numbered but with two differing covers and a really cool opaque printed wrap... You really cant say Alex, Donnie and Ian dont put the effort in.

Label - DIY
Pressing Info - 250 copies. 150 Black, 100 Blue
Price - £5/$8

For Fans Of; Isis, Torche, Boris, Sunn O))), House Of Low Culture

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