Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hot Box The Garage

Bandersnatch 原子 (2017)

Eclectic stoner garage jams coming out of Moscow. This is my first run in with Bandersnatch and these three dudes + one girl are pretty wild! Lots of different ideas going on here but it never gets old or stale. Big production (not over produced) and somewhat drastic master changes between songs are pulled off effortlessly. First track “Trigger” fires out of the gate. Everything is separated in an interesting way and allowed to breath, but this track just rips like crazy. Second track “Letters” starts out before diving into it. Throughout the entire record songs effortlessly flow from one song into the next. “Alone II” clocking in at 5:49 is the longest (and spaciest) jam on the record but really shows off the atmospheric sludge skills of Bandersnatch. Outside of that keeping the 2 - 3 minute track times keep everything feeling fresh and never stale. Sounds like something that Kyuss could have kicked out if they would have stuck together, or early Queens Of The Stone Age with more edge. Amplifier Worship / Pink era Boris fans are going to eat this up.

For Fans OfTruckfighters, Sonic Chicken 4, Boris, Kyuss, early Queens Of The Stone Age


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