Friday, April 07, 2017

Centrifugal Pressure...

Radien - Maa EP (2017)

I must be cashing in karma, because I’ve been having good luck with bands out of Helsinki lately.  Radien cook up a nice EP of atmospheric black sludge here, reminding me a bit of the older Thou stuff, but it’s not quite the same, and the vocal tracks on this are amazing. 
A-side “Varjot” opens up a ton of atmosphere before bursting into this brutal river of black metal.  I guess the closest thing you could compare this to are the slower parts of FALSE, with a much darker undercurrent.  The production on the A-side sounds like the vocals are pushed through some kind of overdrive pedal, and it’s fucking awesome.  While the tone chasing is heavy here, there is substance to go with it.  The entire side just crushes and the amount of low end is perfect.  Towards the end of the side, when we have some kind of high end tremolo or keys on top of the entire thing, it's just icing on the cake. 
The B-side gets off and running right away with incredible low end, and more vocal heaviness right off the bat, but with less filter, letting us see that the power isn’t coming from the production, but from the vocalist, Jyri.  An onslaught on double-tracked vocals leads into a huge breakdown, leading us out of this heavy as fuck EP.  

For Fans OfFALSE, Sunn 0))), Throne of Ahaz, Thou, YOB


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