Friday, May 05, 2017

The Buzz In South Africa...

Ruff Majik - The Swan EP (2017)

Hell yeah, this fucking rips!  Everybody’s whining about the snare sound but they’re a bunch of morons.  Coming out of Pretoria, South Africa, this whole thing has an awesome, great '60s/'70s blown-out vibe to it, kinda similar to Boris’ heavy fast stuff.  Great transitions between songs give this EP a sweet consistent feel.  Apparently these guys have just been busting out EPs the last year and I haven’t heard.  The groove and riffage never ends. 
First track “Horse drawn wrath spawn (godspeed)” latches onto the riff immediately before everything takes off and runs, while the vocals have this crazy Seeds/Axl Rose on mescaline thing going on.  The second track, “Cloak full of Serpents”, slows things down a bit but ups the energy.  The drums have a nice boom bap to them while the guitarist just kinda winds up and chucks notes up and over yer head.  Nice open and slow lyrics give this a bit of early Monster Magnet vibe, just a lot heavier on the drugs.  You can taste the neon.  Halfway through the track things breakdown a bit and Ruff Majik enters into full Humboldt jam mode, almost getting into Howling’ Rain territory.  The standout track “Honey in a lion corpse” seems to be a toss-up to Earth in track title and sound, although Ruff Majik can’t slow down that much and substitute notes per second with that overblown fuzz Earth is known for.  Tracks “Monarch of the hills” and “Scalp chiseler” round this amazing EP out, but stop reading this and go listen to it, everyone. 

For Fans OfW.I.T.C.H, Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Truckfighters, Boris


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