Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Defying Genres...

Turbowolf - Selftitled (2011)

A little different from our usual stoner outings today, but not a million miles away so fret not!
My bro dropped a track from these guys onto my Facebook page earlier in the week and I figured they deserved a mention at least.
With a heavy 80's rock influence and frontman resembling a young Frank Zappa, Turbowolf don't really fit into any one genre that I can think of. Although they contain elements of they fall a little shy of being labeled; screamo, hair metal, grunge, thrash, doom or even prog. They can however churn out the occasional catchy riff, some cracking lyrics and if it floats your boat a little synth. The mixed bag of styles and tones won't be to all your likings but I can pretty much guarantee that you will all, like me, find at least one or two tracks that you'll really, really dig.
Check out their promo for A Rose For The Crows below. It may seem like a episode of The Old Grey Whistle Test directed by Sunn O))), but to be fair if that doesn't sell you on it nothing will!

For Fans Of; Cancer Bats, Black Spiders, Pulled Apart By Horses, Kvelertak, August Burns Red

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