Monday, March 19, 2012

Sticky Fingers?...

Legal Fingers - No Time For Tenderness (2012)

Oh yes! Continuing our foray into the art of the classic rock riff again today, and in this update I happily present you with Legal Fingers! An Iowan trio of retro rockers with a heavily classic 70's inspired new album. Anyone who's a fan of the mid-late 70's west coast sound is really love this little offering. Actually to be fair you can hear a massive wave of influences flowing through this album form start to finish. From Thin Lizzy to Grand Master Flash, Ramones to Captain Beyond. One minute it's deep southern rock and next it's closer to good old Californian psych. That takes some doing. Well no thats not entirely true. Doing it is easy, pulling it off effectively... Now that's a different story. Fortunately for Legal Fingers they've seem to have the knack of it. The recording's a little rough around the edges in places but you can certainly tell that they're onto a winning formula, and for a first release it's brilliantly innovative.
If you like music chock full of boogie, a touch of psych and sprinkling of retro glam keep a close eye on these guys, I have a feeling they're only gonna go from strength to strength.

For Fans Of; Leaf Hound, The Datsuns, Foghat, The Subways, Pet The Preacher

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