Monday, January 24, 2011

Still Stoned...

StonebrideSummon The Waves (2010)
The second album from Croatia's Stonebride, the follow up to 2009's Inner Seasons. A pretty daunting task if you ask me. 
Their first release burst straight out the gates with huge doomy riffs and slow hypnotic vocals, giving the whole record a great atmosphere. Storming from fast grooved out guitars then slowing right down to crushing bass lines backing haunting vocals. 
This second offering almost follows upon the same lines but seems to lack a certain something that Inner Seasons had. The distant echo'y vocals are still there but the enormous churning riffs have given way to a more ambient tone which is prominent throughout the middle of every track. The entire style has basically been slowed down to the point where it just falls shy of being labeled sludge. 
A great stoner hangover album if ever I've heard one. Just don't expect the once familiar up tempo grooves and Black Sabbath song composition style that these guys originally started with.

For Fans Of; Sleep, Hollow Leg, Sungrazer, Samsara Blues Experiment, Mühr 

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