Sunday, April 24, 2011

Giant Slayers...

Goading Goliath - Selftitled EP (2009)

Now come on, is that or is that not the best cover artwork you've seen in a long time?! 
Ive been fortunate to see this little UK trio quite a few times live and every time they've been nothing short of awesome. With vocal duties split between guitarist Chris and bassist Sarah, the band find themselves amongst those unique few bands that can have both a male and female singer and still pull off a great sounding heavy band. 
If your thing is simple old school heavy rock with killer catchy riffs and vocals you can howl along to, I guarantee that within the first 10 seconds of the first track you'll fall in love with this band. 
Unfortunately this is just a 3 track EP, so it will end up leaving you gasping for more, but the band have returned to the studio and laid down a handful of new tracks. So watch this space!

~ Jay

For Fans Of: Viking Skull, Orange Goblin, Thunder Horse, The Sword, The Subways 

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