Wednesday, April 06, 2011

What An Ass!...

Voodoo Mule - Demo (2011)

It's always nice when you wake up to some foreign stoner doom appearing in your inbox. So last week, needless to say I was happy to get an email from one of the guys from Voodoo Mule.
Now its kind of hard to imagine what you're in for when you see a band name like that. Folk rock sludge?.. Thrash country?.. Maybe some kind of rural techno?.. Well as it turns out, its unadulterated trippy, down toned dirty stoner doom! With smatterings of samples like Electric Wizard, vocals reminiscent to that of Mike Williams and slow churning groovey riffs like Sleep. The last time I heard a demo/EP of a similar ilk was back last year with Kamni's self titled EP, and that little bad boy knocked my socks off! Im not sure how many other stoner doom bands hail from Slovenia, I cant imagine they have a great deal of competition but even still, I think its a pretty safe bet that these guys are at the top of the  food chain. 
Pushing a little over 16 mins the demo grooves, grinds and groans over 3 tracks, the high light for me being the awesome opening bars to Powder Boy. If you're anything like me Im sure this little offering will leave you gasping for more. 

It looks as though the guys have yet to get anything out in the way of merch or such like, but keep an eye on these fellas because with the right backing I can easily see them going global. 

For Fans Of; Eyehategod, Sleep, Grief, Weedeater, Lord Of Doubts 

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