Saturday, January 07, 2012

Scream If You Want Hardcore...

OkkotoChildhood/Brotherhood (2011)

Oh the joys of Bandcamp and the little gems they behold!

Here we have ambient hardcore mix courtesy of four chaps from the deep dark depths of Missouri. In fact Okkoto do almost stray into the realms of grindcore throughout this little offering, with tracks like 'Mathlete' and 'Global Warming Killed My Mom and Dad' echoing of elements of the genres legends Discordance Axis. However, the brutal and furious off kilter drum beats matched with equally enthusiastic mashing of the low end of the fret board all but secure this record into the more hardcore niche of things. Actually the guys themselves describe their sound as schizophrenic hardcore, which is fantastically apt when you actually sit down and listen to a few of their tracks back to back. This may initially turn a few of our readers off and yeah it's a change from the norm for the blog but I for one do occasionally enjoy the likes of Rorschach and Posion The Well - bands of which Okkoto would not look out of place being on the same bill as.
As for the aforementioned ambience, well that comes in the form of post rock esque intros and bridges that act as a precursor to Iain's bouts of fantastically savage growling vocals. Vocals which I must add, are absolutely spot on. Treading that fine line between tortured and disjointed, they really do make all the (what would usually be classed as sporadic) elements gel together nicely.
If you like your hardcore or mathcore (God, I hate that term) you'll undoubtedly really dig Okkoto, and if it's not your usual 'go to' genre, then just give it a go, they may just sway you...


For Fans Of; Norma Jean, Converge, The Chariot, The End, 3 Stages Of Pain 

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