Sunday, March 13, 2011

More Stoner Spaniards...

Howler Toad - Lickin' The Toad (2009)

Not a week seems to go by when I don't find some great tunes hailing from sunny old Spain. The place seems to be producing cracking acts one after another... Who'd-a-thunk-it?!
So now I give you Howler Toad! This, their debut release back from 2009 is yet another cracking example of pure fuzzed out stoner groove, it perfectly sums up the genre. The songwriting and production is so tight you'd be excused from thinking the band have been around for decades. Heavy drums and a great mild use of samples work fantastically with Carlo's 70's esque vocals. Every track is nice and balanced, not relying too heavily on a repetitive riff or drum loop. So all in all a seriously impressive debut from this Barcelona based 5 piece, but it gets better!... Yup... its bloody free! Either head over to for the original download of follow my link below and give your ears a treat!
These guys are really going to be ones to watch in the future. Fingers crossed they'll be able to keep the good work and knock up another great record some time soon! 

For Fans Of; Dozer, Nebula, Honcho, Sesiones Ácidas, Memest

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