Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Quick Trip Down Under...

Aver - Self Titled (2011)

Holy crap I've been itching to get my hands on a full recording by these guys since I haphazardly stumbled upon their myspace page a while back. I had a good listen to what they put up and checked back regularly for info on anything upcoming and god bless them they finally offered up some material for download... Free! I just wish I hadn't committed to other reviews and got this up straight away, as its not been off my iPod since I downloaded it. The last few months have really been a gold mine when its come to free downloads and this has, for me at least, shot straight to the top of the table.
Your introduction to Aver starts with a the track 'Anti-Matter' and it resembles a pretty much spot on taste of whats to come - A slow melodic build up coupled with a soft hypnotic vocals before kicking into overdrive and pounding you with a huge stoner riff. The perfect way to grab your attention and keep you listening. The entire album keeps this up for nigh on 50 mins, pulling you along as it paints a psychedelic picture of floating through space before abruptly rearing up and smacking you repeatedly around the head with massive thumping bass licks, trippy desert rock breaks and screaming vocals then once again sobering out like nothing happened and you've woke from a bad dream. Its stunningly compelling and the epitome of this you'll find with the track 'Acid Rain' which manages to hit the nail squarely on the head and perfectly balance everything thats great about this band. 
Need more convincing? Well, think of the awesome distant vocals of Electric Wizard, the desert rock wizardry of Brant Bjork, spaced out ambiance of Isis and the best crushing grooves from Sleep, now whack that all together with a few cans of Fosters and you've got Aver.

For crying out loud don't let this album pass you by!

~ Jay

For Fans Of; Nebula, Dozer, Sungrazer, Sleep, White Hills

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