Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bluesy Texas Trio...

Chili Cold Blood - Rock N Roll, Motherfucker! Redux (2005)

I stumbled onto these chaps entirely by chance. I was trawling through youtube searching for something new, or at least new to me and just clicked the video below solely because it had a skull and crossbones on it. I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but bite me. If you've got cool artwork then I will more than likely listen to your band first. I know I'm shallow. I dont care. Besides, I bet y'all are still reading on mainly because of the boobs above. Go on, just admit it. But enough about my questionable selection methods and you perverts, on to the job in hand.
I love a bit of blues every so often, and the dirtier and heavier the blues the better. Well luckily for me it doesn't get much dirtier or heavier than Chili Cold Blood efforts.
This Texas three piece have been knocking around for almost a decade, starting life as a duo before finding a couple of drummers and cracking out their first album.
The over all style can be captured as a mix of blues, country, blue grass and classic rock n roll. But dont worry if any of those elements put you off, when you combine that sound with tales of whiskey, women and murder it makes for a great result. Imagine Jerry reed using Seasick Steve's instruments to play a set comprising of just Maylene songs and you're pretty much there. Their back catalog does vary over the years a bit too, so if you dont dig this album head over to their sites and have a listen to some of the more recent recordings.

~ Jay

For Fans Of; Jerry Reed, Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster, The Datsuns, Barn Burners, Seasick Steve,


  1. you should listen to their "Lips" album

  2. Aww I know, I'm trying to pick up the whole of their discography at the moment. Great band!