Wednesday, November 14, 2012

All Hail The Heavy...

The Heavy Eyes - Maera, Demo EP (2012)

As most of you will no doubt agree these guys never fail impress. In fact I would go as far as to say that every time they announce a new release, be it EP or album they always manage to out do themselves. They've never failed me before and they sure as hell ain't failed me here. So now I've set the bar at a staggering high and possibly put the kiss of death on it, lets just crack on with the release in hand.
Consisting of just two tracks like its predecessor, the 'demo' is actually pretty much the final product and just somewhat of a teaser for the upcoming second album. Also, like their previous release its once again filled to bursting point with the guys own style of uptempo stoner blues. A classic last 60's/early 70's feel but with distinct modern high octane twist that the Memphis trio have very much made their own.
The release of the total four tracks showcasing the new material really bodes well for them, as in the past their demo's have proved to be way more that adequate for general release and more than often blow other similar bands final, polished and mastered efforts well and truly out the water. But working once again with Matt Qualls who oversaw the engineering of the self titled first album, expect nothing short of pure excellence when it comes to final product. Like goddamn ninja, Qualls is one of the few that is capable of treading that fine line between fuzz and clarity without tipping the scales too far in either direction.
I only actually have one gripe with this EP and it's the exactly the same I had with EP 2 from back in May; it's basically the musical equivalent of a hot girl fondling your junk for 15 minutes then pissing off home. You get all worked up and excited then before you know it you're back on your own wondering when you're gonna get the rest! Well hold on to those blue balls just a little longer because album number two is on route! Dropping around the end of December you'll be able to pick Maere up, once again via Kosmik Records. The chaps have promised to keep me updated on the vinyl pressing details so as soon as I know, you will too!
~ Jay

For Fans Of; Radio Moscow, Jack White, DeepSeaGreen, King Hobo, Ufesas


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