Friday, November 30, 2012

Doom & Gloom...

Asilo - Geografías / Wardance EP (2012)
If you like crusty doom with a heavy drone feel then Argentina's Asilo are gonna be right up your street. If however you don't then you may as well bugger off and come back on monday because I will admit now, this little two track EP is an acquired taste. 
Imagine a Mayhem 7" being played at 33rpm and you'll be set with a pretty accurate mental image. The EP itself is serving as a bit of a prerequisite for the full length album thats currently in the works. Sounding like a basement full of trolls being tortured as tar is being slowly pumped into the room, Asilo really have carved out their own little niche here when it comes to unorthodox doom. Rocking a keyboard, drums and two bass players (yes, thats right, two bass players and no guitar!) their back catalog can't exactly be described as rapid. Trudging along like a big black behemoth in a haze of bong smoke the guys have managed to capture the true nature of doom... Then beat it relentlessly with elements of drone, black metal and the very occasional hint of sludge. 
It's a pretty progressive affair from start to finish and like I mentioned before, not to everyones taste. But for those of you that like to push the boundaries a little, its well worth checking out!
~ Jay

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