Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Creation And Destruction...

Shivas Nat - Hard To Breathe (2013)

There's a new album from Shivas Nat, and as the cover art might lead you to guess, psychedelia figures rather prominently in its flow. Hard To Breathe starts off slowly, with the 11-minute Shape Of My Soul, which slowly winds itself up before uncoiling into the rest of the tracks. After that introduction, there's I'm Alive, a fuzzed-out body-shaker that rips out some wild-eyed grooves before making way for the next song. Lullaby is probably the gentlest track (naturally), but even here, Shivas Nat allows the fuzzy, stretched-out guitar chords to remain dominant. Dragonodyssey revs the energy right back up to their previous levels, though the stoned sense of sedation lingers on, and the electric organ gets quite a workout over the course of the song. You starts throttling the engine back down to cruising levels, before the comparatively short Weight brings things to a close. If you like your psychedelic rock thick, fuzzy, and with plenty of audible blues influence, be sure to grab a copy of Hard To Breathe; you can find one (assuming the stock isn't sold out yet) over at Kozmic Artifactz
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of; Eternal Elysium, Blue Cheer, Brimstone Coven, Moon Curse, MC5

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Dragonodyssey (128 kbps)


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