Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Join The Dark Side...

Lightsabres ~ Demons (2013)

Another week is upon us and as usual we've been blessed with some more sweet stoner doom jams. This week we have north Sweden’s very own Lightsabres with their recent effort Demons.
I will start by saying I am very surprised to hear such genuine West Coast style rock meets East Coast punk coming from Sweden but what a pleasant thing it is. Demons is full of trippy dirt, fuzz, attitude and heart to boot. Each track holds a different and unique feel, like Red Light, an instrumental track that boasts a distinct psychedelic guitar flourish, leading into the subsequent Teeth, a wholly post rock ambient affair for its 40 second entirety. Although a little out of place, the two tracks do serve to break up the fuzz and leave you feeling slightly melancholic, like the come down of short acid binge.
The old desert rock genre also fleets in from time to time, predominately in the form of some early QOTSA style riffage, most notably on tracks Black Hash and Born To Die. If I didn’t know better I would easily be convinced the record was done at Rancho De La Luna with Josh Homme manning the mixing board. Caesar takes you for one hell of a trip, beginning with a pure west coast style fury before effectively veering right off the road and taking you on a journey down a dirt road of psychedelia. It's slightly disorientating but before you know it you're cascading nicely into the honestly beautiful title track Demons, which could easily find itself on the soundtrack of any sad film as it drifts and pulls a heavy weight from your heart. Lightsabres bring a hell of a unique mix of desert, punk, grunge and post rock together in a way I've never before experienced. A great piece of art drenched in emotion both dark and light. Well Done Fellas!
~ Stephen

For Fans Of; Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, Desert Sessions, Giants, If These Trees Could Talk



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