Friday, April 08, 2016

Heady Tones And Tombstones...

Desert Crone - Distorted Solitude EP (2015)

This EP comes to us from the doom-lairs of Sweden, holding the work of a three-piece band whose members go by Cedermark, Micke, and Jumbo.  Opening up with a blare of fuzzy feedback on "A Mourning Prayer (Dreadful Cries)", the band launches into their music and its heavy presence with a confident stride, laying down thick riffs and nerve-gripping rhythms with, of course, a massive bass growl.
Track two, "Earth's Savage Darkness", takes a more serious tone with the chords and pacing, rolling out eight minutes of stony doom with a focus on building the melody up and tearing it back down.  "Shadowmaster" brings things to a close by taking turns with broad guitar tones, high-stress vocals, twisting bass-lines, devilish drums, and howling pedal effects.  It's a recipe for stoner doom satisfaction, and being that this is the group's first release (as far as I could determine), it points to more potent material on their horizon.
The release is being handled by Bloodsoaked Records (also based in Sweden), who have given the EP a run of 200 cassettes, so if you'd like one of those, hop on over to the label's BandCamp page.  You can also snag it in digital format there, so if that's more convenient, go for it.  Just be sure to check it out if dirty stoner doom metal is something you enjoy.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Brume, Goya, The Munsens, Windhand, Wounded Giant


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