Friday, June 03, 2016

Creeps In The Canopies...

Sloth King - EP (2015)

Coming to us from Germany, the quintet of Sloth King are going in with this ~40-minute debut EP of their tunes.  Fitting with their name, the band's music tends towards being slow and majestic, balancing between doom metal, stoner rock, and some funereal blackening of tone with gnarly guitar chords and churning bass riffs, while the vocals soar through the low end (occasionally complemented by backing snarls) and the drummer performs impressively in a wide range of speeds.
From the comparatively chill opening in "Relinquish" on through the death-crawl of "Witch", the creeping misery of "Towering Ruins", the slow-burning fury of "Ever And Anon", and the massive, reality-warping finish in "Strange Entities Beckoning From Beyond", Sloth King find ways of incorporating odd but compelling twists of style in effective ways while retaining the essential heaviness.  As an introduction of the band to the world, it does a great job, showing off their skills in a number of areas, delivering memorable compositions, and show-casing their inventiveness and interest in stretching boundaries.  A great start, let's hope they follow it up with another release before too long and get more ears tuned in to their excellent material.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Black Magician, Hexenjäger, The Sleer, Trees, Wolf Blood


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