Friday, January 27, 2017

Artifacts Of Woe...

Underdark - Mourning Cloak (2016)

Some solid blackened post-rock right here, one of the best releases I’ve heard in an early 2017.  Hailing from Nottingham, Underdark provide a spacey, but not slow, form of black metal that really hits the spot.  Production is extremely on-point from shimmering clean guitar up and past when these guys bring the thunder.  Great pans, from a studio point of view this thing is a 10/10.  “Bank of Roses” comes out of the gate swinging, as busting vocals against octaved guitars flow into a swirling set of tremolo, heading further still into post-rock shimmering before a fiery finish. 
“Span of Black Nihility” brings with the thunder with a full-on black attack.  The heaviest of the three songs, it shows these guys aren’t afraid of going full black with a pure False-like growl.  The finale of “With Bruised & Bloodied Feet” erupts with towering drums and speed before dropping into a melodic attack of crashing guitars and double layered vocals mixing low-end growl with Goteborg squeals.  Great stuff!
~ Dan

For Fans Of; Lord Mantis, False, Mare Cognitum, Spectral Lore


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