Friday, January 06, 2017

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Le Maschere di Clara - Lynch EP (2015)

Now this is interesting. Featuring a David Lynch quote, this EP wouldn’t be out of the place in any Lynchian project.  Though the EP was recorded in London, Le Maschere Di Clara hails from the city of Verona in northern Italy.  Part deconstructed rock 'n' roll, part jazz, part experimental electronic, the band harkens back to the days of Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum.
First track “Freak” thunders out of the gate, drums blazing back with distorted bass.  This rhythm section wouldn’t be out of place on the first Mayyors EP.  A violin enters, covering the melody/vocal section, and this three-piece is under way.
“Istanbul” starts out hard where the last left off, but then drops into surprising melodica.  Then it picks up the pace, everything spirals together, and before you know it you’re on the floor floating.  Anybody who gave up on the darker side of post-rock is going to love this.
Third track “Pow Wow” starts with a dusty grand piano riff, while drums slowly beat heavier and heavier, and violin creeps up, tying everything together.  As violin swirls around, smashing crash symbols and a distorted bass hold down the rhythm leading into the closing track, “Solar”.  Our piano returns to pick up where it left off and we’re blasted off into space.  Things get heavier on the experimental side, but never get foggy before this EP coalesces into an incredible ending to an incredible EP.
(Ed. note:) Though the EP came out back in late 2015, we're giving it a look now because it's getting a limited run (300 copies) on CD, thanks to Toten Schwan Records, Ghost Factory Records, and Riff Records, so if you like what you hear, consider getting a physical copy to show support for the artist.
~ Dan

For Fans Of; Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum, Red Sparrows, early Russian Circles, Mayyors


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