Friday, January 13, 2017

Grungy Hands Grasping...

Static Tension - Out of Reach EP (2017)

Hailing from Ohio, “progressive grunge” band Static Tension is heavy on the grunge.  Fans of Meantime-era Helmet take note, I haven’t heard a non-Pacific Northwest grunge band hit the nail on the head this hard in a long time.  First track “PSM” comes out hitting hard before rolling into an early Alice in Chains-style double-tracked vocals romp.  These guys would be right at home on an old Thrasher driving grunge comp.
Second track “Obstacle of Doubt” keeps the train running with more of an early Pearl Jam feel to it.  Third track “Faith to Fault” has a great Up On The Sun-era Meat Puppets riff that drops into a slower route, slipping one foot into Nirvana territory with the chorus.  Really top-notch stuff.
Changing it up, “Down From Three” takes a new approach with clinking palm mutes and rapid fire drums.  “Back Inside” brings us back with a zoned-out chorus pedal and those sweet, sweet double-tracked vocals and a heavy (in a good way) Pearl Jam influence.  It all ends with “Out of Reach”, a slow ballad that slowly turns up the heat, resulting in a nice slow backed guitar solo in the 12s. It’s crazy how on-point the production on this is.  It sounds like something you would find on a sharpied CD-R in your buddy's car and ask “Who is this?!”
~ Dan

For Fans Of; legitimate grunge, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, early Helmet, In Utero-era Nirvana


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