Monday, April 29, 2013

Taking Your Brain To Another Dimension...

Hua†a / Bitcho - Split LP (2013)

I'm excited, because I have another fine little split LP for you today! This one's by the Brittanian Huaa and the Dutch Bitcho, working together to create a phychedelic, hypnotic, droning force a la Earth. Huaa open with a fifteen-and-a-half minute track. It creaks and cracks and shreds as it progresses and the haunting vocals turn it into something not of this world. The split's second song is the shortest one, a five minute piece which leaves me as bewildered as the first one, and last but not least is Bitcho's twelve minute sound attack. Heavier, meaner and dirtier than Huata's previous works, it lifts the drony eeriness to a next level. A mighty conclusion to a mighty collaboration. As the last notes have entered my ears and are some way or another processed in my brain, it leaves me sort of confused as to what I have been listening to, as drone should. To me drone's almost not music anymore, but more of an experience in which you just have to let yourself fall into, and that is what the psychedelic elements of both Huaa and Bitcho are more than capable of doing. It doesn't get as abstract as ie Sunn O))) however, and I think that is for the better, but maybe that's just me not being able to handle them, haha! You can judge for yourself, when you click on the little link to their bandcamp page below where you can pick up some great free downloads. As for the split LP, well at the moment it is just that. No downloadable at the moment but the vinyl is available via With just 500 pressed, 400 on black, and 100 on a multi coloured streak, they're gonna go fast! Enjoy.
~ Ruben
For Fans Of; God Speed You! Black Emperor, Harbor Of Devils, Tryals, Blueneck, Domo

Huaa ~ WebsiteFacebookMyspace • Bandcamp

Bitcho ~ FacebookBandcamp


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