Monday, April 15, 2013

Dirty Ol' Oklahoma...

Senior Fellows - Ecclesiastical Servitude (2013) 

If you're a fan of energetic, deathly metal riffs, then you'll love these guys.
The first track i heard from Senior Fellows gave me a taste of what's to come. Slow, dark, simple, 'grim reaper' riffs is a pretty good way of describing the album. Terror, Harm and Justice is a personal favourite for me. This track gives a slightly different feel and sound to the rest of the album. The groove of this song pulls you in, and the screaming vocals lock you in. There are a lot of dynamics from all members on this one. Credit Default Swaps starts off with a very Sabbath sounding riff, which really grabbed my attention. I think Senior Fellows created their own genre with this song - 'Death Blues' I think would be most apt. Sounds interesting, right?! Try to imagine early Sabbath mixed with Muddy Waters & modern death metal. Edward the confesser has an altogether different feel than the other tracks. It's more melodic, but it still has the screaming, grim sound that Senior Fellows are known for. Although, after listening to this album, I think it needs more of those great guitar solos, a little more dynamics on the vocals and some faster songs. But overall this is a great slow, energetic metal album!
If the grim reaper had a soundtrack, it would be this album!
~ Connor
For Fans Of; Eagle Twin, Sourvein, Old Man Gloom, Starve, Trenches