Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Deeper, Deeper, Doom...

Major Kong ~ Doom Machine (2014)

Major Kong's Doom Machine rattles into life with a creaking and metallic strains, before a man announces the emergence of “The mightiest weapon... The Doom Machine!” It's a perfect start to an album which lives up to its name, rumbling out buzzy chords and slamming percussion as it shifts into high gear. The guitar sounds like something out of a sci-fi film (I mean that in the best sense), the drums feel like they should be leading a hooded procession through subterranean chambers, and the bass just swells up and out, filling the room. That cave-like feeling is further enhanced by the almost-complete absence of vocals, aside from the opening sample, so that you can just sit back and let it engulf you.
Listeners will be guided through five lengthy songs in all, progressing through the opening title track, Tractor Beam, Planets & Suns Consumed, Voidwagon, and Skull Of The Titan, with the sense of sliding into a deep, dark pit becoming more and more pronounced as they proceed. By the time Skull Of The Titan hits, you'll be well and truly lost in the depths, spun around by massive riffs groaning past you, with no exit in sight. How does it end? Get a copy of the album (which will be coming out on January 20th) and find out!
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of; Bongripper, Sleep, Ufomammut, Celophys, Ladybird


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