Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Welcome To The Coven...

Moon Coven ~ Amanita Kingdom (2013)

The dawn of the digital format really heralded the way quick access to great music (and some shit), but its been, to me at least, somewhat of a double edged sword. Aside from the fact it's this sites bread and butter, it's given me countless hours worth of enjoyment and bands that I'll love until the day I die. But on the flip side it does diminish something that in retrospect I really do miss - that initial exciting build up to the release of an album and that joy of finally get your hands on a physical copy when that release date eventually comes around. These days things get leaked and albums can get an impromptu release at the drop of a hat. Well, Moon Coven (and Transubstans Records) have just managed to cast me back a decade or so, because for the last 24 hours since I was emailed Amanita Kingdom I've been itching, like a child on Christmas Eve, to get my hands on a vinyl copy. Don't get me wrong, what's currently being blasted from my iTunes is bloody great, but I just can't help but think it just ache's to be given the wax treatment. Something about Moon Coven's tone just longs to resonate through a needle. Trust me, when you get listening, you'll hear exactly why. They join my ever increasing list that includes (but is not limited to) All Them Witches, Mountain Witch, Goya, Witchsorrow, Owl, and the uncannily named Moon Curse who were just born to be pressed onto vinyl. In this case it's in no small part in the Coven's ability to cultivate an amazingly balanced mix of doom and retro psych. Although the psych does slightly out weigh the doom aspect, David's vocals that resonate throughout every track give it a brilliantly haunting and melancholy edge. It's not all doom and gloom though, as even the most ravenous riff devouring stoner rock enthusiast will find his or her fix here. Be your persuasion slow and looming, fuzzy and dirty or 70's inspired low-on-the-fret mashing, rest assured you'll be catered for. You're also well looked after on the time front too, with every track pushing, or in most cases exceeding the six minute mark you can be sure that you wont be left feeling short changed. Sure, we're barely to the end of January but we've had a fair amount sent over to us already and I'd have to say, Moon Coven are currently topping my list. I bloody love this album. From start to finish it oozes with with an eclectic flow of riffs and licks, all captured in one of the best acid/garage rock tones I've heard in a long long time. You need Moon Coven in your life.
You can pick up a physical through Transubstans Records, and I can't really urge you enough to do so. Head on over now and you'll be able to pre-order the vinyl. Oooh yes!
~ Jay

For Fans Of; Uncle Acid, All Them Witches, Moon Curse, Black Prism, Throne


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