Sunday, March 09, 2014

Bruto By Nature...

 Bruto - Bruto (2013)

The Chilean quartet behind Bruto describe their sound as 'fuzzgressive', and it's a pretty apt way of describing their music, which blends hard, semi-sludgy riffs with some psychedelic flair, melodies evocative of heavy rock, smoky trails of notes in the finest stoner rock tradition, and production that rides the fine line between too much and too little. There's plenty of head-banging opportunities throughout the album, and from the first song onwards, the band makes a great impression. They also tear out on some truly inspired guitar-shredding solos, which build organically enough from the rest of the song to feel perfectly natural, all the better for intensifying the body-thrashing already happening.
Even when they slow it down to a more Sabbath-like speed, the songs still simmer with restrained energy, waiting to be unleashed – which the band, of course, admirably delivers. Bottom line, this group needs to be on your radar if you have any interest in currently-active stoner rock, though you may have to hold out hopes of seeing them tour near your locale for the time being. In the meantime, snag yourself a copy (and once you've listened to it and realized how good they are, go back and throw the band some money; they deserve it) and get ready to give it a steady burn on your speakers. Killer stuff!
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of; Celophys, Deep Purple, Kyuss, Necronomicon (Brazil), Olde Growth


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