Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Dazed And Hard Blues...

Groggy - WooDoo EP (2013)

On their latest EP, Groggy (a two-piece from Siberia!) provide three tracks to tide over fans of psychedelic & stoned blues rock. They begin with “Dead Duck” (a possible “Aqualung” reference?), which kicks things off in high gear with a hard and hearty riff, perfectly-snappy drums, and vocals that growl without being indecipherable. It's a hell of a start, and by the time the two have reached “Dead Duck”'s end, there's no doubt that they can deliver all that they promise. The second track, “Never Know”, starts out at a more leisurely pace, sharp-picking at the guitar chords until the drums arrive to take over the aggressive end while the guitar shifts into a more classically-bluesy mode, showing off their melodic chops while keeping the energy high and lively. The last track “Zombie/Ride With The Devil” (hey, that's a familiar name!) finishes off the EP with aplomb, beginning with some ghostly background drones before shifting into a hard-swinging groove that builds and builds, getting wild and hellacious, until they throw out the throttle with a minute to spare and begin grinding asphalt to drop their speed.
Damn good stuff. Let me repeat that, because it's going to be said quite a few times; damn good stuff. These two have talent, energy, inventiveness, respect for the most whiskey-and-reefer-crazed of delta blues, and a fantastic sense of how to build songs. Just excellent work, through and through, and I for one can't wait until their next full-length LP.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of; Wicked Lady, Necronomicon (Brazil), Eternal Elysium, Iron Butterfly, Morphine


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